The Score Magazine June 2017 issue - Page 18

Bose Professional at Palm Expo 2017 Bose Professional had an impressive display at PALM Expo this year and showcased their entire Pro Audio range at the show. While they launched the latest ControlSpace Ex Conferencing solutions at the show, the Bose team also showcased their new DeltaQ ShowMatch array loudspeakers at the Demo Qube. The ControlSpace EX system includes the new ControlSpace EX-1280C conferencing signal processor and three new Dante™- based ControlSpace under-table endpoints (EX-4ML, EX-8ML and EX-UH). Focused on creating one audio conferencing DSP that includes everything an integrator might need – Dante, USB, VoIP, PSTN and analog audio – all in a single 1RU box. This addresses the growing need to reduce wiring, locate equipment remotely, and address retrofit applications. Bose under-table endpoints are microphone-agnostic and use PoE and Dante to provide a ‘one cable from the table’ microphone and BYOD ATC solution. The ShowMatch Demo included a 30 minutes session with the first 15 minutes dedicated to technology explanation of the complete features, making of the product and DeltaQ technology which these next generation array loudspeakers are based on. The array set up consisted of 5 full range modules on each side and 8 numbers of single 18” subwoofers were arranged in a cardioid manner. The last 15 minutes were kept for audio demonstration for the audience which was very well received. The people were made to listen to female and Male vocals separately to demonstrate the vocal clarity of this new array system. Some fast numbers and high SPL tracks were played in the end to demonstrate the powerful performance of the 18” Bose subwoofers. There are two key elements of differentiation for ShowMatch DeltaQ: sound quality and flexibility. With respect to sound quality, the area where it differentiates is the vocal clarity that the product provides. Historically, many loudspeakers have a crossover in the vocal region, which degrades vocal clarity. What ShowMatch accomplished is keeping that crossover point outside the vocal region, which significantly improves vocal clarity. Another big differentiator in sound quality is the ability to custom shape the array so that it provides seamless coverage throughout the audience listening area. Finally, the output that we get out of ShowMatch is another unique sound quality element. We have two proprietary transducers and compression drivers that are not off-the-shelf transducers, but were designed by Bose engineers. The ShowMatch transducers provide amazing outputs, perhaps not seen from other products in its class. The one single component most responsible for ShowMatch’s vocal clarity is the DeltaQ technology, which enables adjustment of the array directivity to best meet the needs of the application. 16 The Score Magazine