The Score Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 50

Mr. Vipin Pungalia, Director, Sales and Marketing, Sennheiser Electronics India tells us about the new products launched at Palm 2017, their plans for the year and their products USP. This Palm, what are you exhibiting Palm Expo has been a very good platform for us to showcase our latest products and technologies. This time we had maximum number of new product launches. We launched the AMBEO VR Mic which can capture spherical 3D sound . We also have some unique studio mics, click mic digital and also a specific mic for the GoPro Camera in the Audio segment catering to videographers, broadcasters and film makers. We also had some exciting launches in the MI segment including the entire [Hو\[\[Z[KB[Z\\ZX\]S 8&KH[][B^][[\\وY][Y[]\XX[ˈH]BḦ܈H[ܙH[[[\]Z\[Y[ Y][ \\[\[\ZXܛۙH] L[[˂[ݚ[\Y[ZXܛۙ\H]HY][ZX]TЈXܙ[[ۜX\H\XYH]Y[ٙ\[ۘ[[ۜ[Y\ܛ [H[[HXX[\]YY[B]]\ۛH]H܈[[[ˈH[]Bۜ[Y\HY[[\\Z[HY\[\و[H[Y\[ڙXˈ[[YX\]ۜ[Y\[\\[\][H^˂[\[܈ M“\XZ܈\\Z[[[YX][ۈ\\Y\\\\\[\[Z\HX[K\YX\H\B[ZH]\Y\][\HH[[ܙB[[H[Y[Y[[][^\Y[K\[\B[H[]\]X[[ [\^][[\H LX\ۈ [HHZH]HY\[][ H[Y\[]]HY[Hܝ\[[ܙHܚ\YX\ۛX]Y[ۘ[\\[\\˂BܙHXY^[BYۜܙKB]XZ\[Z\\&\X[\]YB]\ۙHوH\\[Y\[\ۛۈ]H]XY\[KSQS\ۙHXXH[B\H[H\Z]و\X[ۈH][]\HXH[H\[ ]\H\X[[[\ۛۈ܈][XX[]K]X[]B[\X[ۈB][H[[HZHYH[H]\Xš[\O‘YX][[Hۈ]\XH[X[\[X[XZH[H^\Y[H]]\]\[\Y[YH[H[[ܙH]\[\X]HX˜[\H\H\\\]Z[XH^H[HœX˂X]HܙHXY^[B[Z\\\X][H[YHH\ق\[\Y][ۜوHܙHXY^[KܙBXY^[p\^H]XY^[H\]HYHۈB]\[ݘ][ۜ[HY[وXK]\X˜[[ݘ][ۈXX[H[Hٙ\[ۘ[YY[ HXY^[H\^Z[[[\ܝ[HBݚY[Y\[Y\HYY\[[\Y]›ۈ]\XX[Y[[Y[]B[X[\]]YY[H[H[[ܛYYX]HۛZو\Y[ H]HY[[]YXY\[[Y]H]]YH]ܘHو[XXH[Yš[^HXZ[وۛYH[X\[