The Score Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 49

This year at Palm Expo, we had the pleasure of having a quick chat with Mr. Rehan Siddiqui (Sales Head MI), Mr. Hisayoshi Matsui (General Manager MI) and Mr. Hitoshi Mochizuki (Managing Director) from Yamaha Music India Pvt. Ltd. About their views on Palm Expo, how it has benefitted them, the change they would like to see in the music industry and a lot more. Read on to find out. Elaborate on the products launched at Palm Expo 2017 Rehan Siddiqui: This year, we have started Nexo, as Yamaha has taken over it recently and we have launched it at Palm Expo. For the music industry, we have come up with a new Clavinova Digital series including the CLP-625, CLP-635, CLP-645 and in the keyboard section we have two new products PSR-E263 & PSR- E363 with Indian contents. Hitoshi Mochizuki - Managing Director Apart from that, we have an electric guitar named Ravstar which is very popular in the world market and now we have it in India. Some more new products with cool colors to give charm for musicians and rental companies. How has Palm Expo benefitted Yamaha as a brand? Hitoshi Mochizuki: We can show our entire line up of categories to everyone. Instead of showing each category separately, the main advantage is that we can show all at once. Hisayoshi Matsui - General Manager MI Can you brief about your Yamaha Live concept at Palm Expo Hisayoshi Matsui: This time we focused on more Indian artists and also have genres from hard rock to jazz fusion. By the artists using our products, we can showcase the advantages of the products to the people and show them that it can be utilized for all genres. We want the bands to promote our products and in turn we are supporting the artists. Tell us about your endorsee program Rehan Siddiqui: Yamaha is famous for Rehan Siddiqui - Sales Head MI their endorsees worldwide In India as well we have many artists to name a few Mr. Louiz Banks, Mr. Gino Banks, Mr. Stephan Devassy and we are signing up with Salim Merchant. We also have our first Youngest Artist India Master Lydian Nadhaswaram. Your success mantra and USP Rehan Siddiqui: The biggest strength is that we are a complete Sound Company. An artist can get Music Instruments products, Audio Video & Professional Audio Equipment’s. Every student, teacher, or a professional can get everything under one umbrella. Hitoshi Mochizuki: We have our own manufactured products and everything is made within our company. We are more than 130 years and still growing! This year, we are setting up a new factory in India and hope to provide market oriented products from the factory supporting Make in India Project. What change would you like to see in the Industry? Hitoshi Mochizuki: In India, the MI industry should be bigger but it is too small unfortunately. There is nothing to support the MI industry. We hope that Palm Expo comes up with a platform for this industry so we all grow together. About The Score Magazine Rehan Siddiqui: The Score Magazine is doing a very good job of catering to all audience right from an artist to a student. It targets the entire spectrum from learners to top professionals. We are really proud to work with the magazine! The Score Magazine 47