The Score Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 47

A chat with Mr. Arun Kumar, Divisional Manager, Bose Corporation India about their new technologies launched at Palm Show 2017, how the show has helped reach out to their audience, new developments in this year and more. Can you tell us about the products at Palm Expo 2017 This year we are displaying our ControlSpace EX conferencing system which is a new launch from Bose with some innovative features. It has all kinds of connectivity that you can think of in one box. It is useful for conference room applications. The other product we are focusing on is the Showmatch Loudspeaker system which is a DeltaQ line array system targeted at rental and tour sound. We had a demo cube where we did live of this product and had about 5 parties on the verge of confirming after listening to the system. We have our portable range on display and creating a lot of interest in the visitors. We have our usual engineered sound products, speakers, amplifiers and so on. If there is one word you can associate with Bose, what would it be? I would like to use two: Quality Sound Are there any business associations this year? There is an important change in how we reach out to our customers in this fiscal. Our distribution network has undergone a revamp. Now we have Distributors who handle our regular moving products and now have distributors catering to specific markets (South, West, North & East). We are entering into direct partnerships for the engineering sound range with folks in all major cities. This is a big change for us in our way to reach out to customers. How has Palm show benefitted Bose? Palm Show has been gaining traction through the country gradually. Early on, the visitor profile was mostly focused on west especially Gujarat and Maharashtra. This time I saw a lot of people from South and North coming here. In one platform, I can reach out to a large audience. This is one reason why we invested in the Demo Cube where we allow you to listen to the sound and also learn about its features through a presentation. Lot of people we met from tier two cities, which is a plus for Palm and for us. For us as Bose, our objectives get met. It is much better organized and they have been improving every year. Of course, a little bit more discipline about the loud sound in the hall must be avoided (Laughs). Tell us about your Demo Cube at Palm We have a presentation where we explain about the benefits after which we do the demo. We try to show the quality in the vocal range and also exhibit how it sounds in a concert, high energy tracks. About The Score Magazine I have been following the magazine for a long time now. Once we changed our business model, we became keen to come on board and reach out to our target audience through your magazine. The magazine has evolved a lot from being a solely music magazine. Yes, music remains the core but you are covering the entire spectrum that involves manufacturers of different products, recording segment, producers, events, pro audio and complete the chain. Your digital section has evolved rapidly in the last couple of years. We would like to associate with your magazine in the Events section definitely. Initially, magazine was short on content but today it has a much wider coverage and there is a huge improvement in the last few years. The magazine is also well targeted and it is our target as well. Kudos! The Score Magazine 45