The Score Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 41

learn from. The experience of making a song with someone can be very powerful. We try in every song, to record or work with an artist. We have been fortunate enough to work with people like Arshad Khan (esraj), Ajay Prassana (flute), Thu Le (classical guitar), Chugge Khan ( singer, multi instrumentalist), Mandeep sethi (rapper), Noori (band from Pakistan), Fakhrouddin Ghaffari ( Iranian percussionist), Baldev Singh (sarangi), Shatrunjai Dewan (keyboardist, producer), Aman Nath ( pianist, producer), Elvis (guitarist), Bosco (drummer), Joe (bassist), Trilok Gurtu (percussionist). And many more. What makes your music unique? What makes anything unique: When you don't try to copy some formula. All of us are unique. We seem to lose that along the way sometimes. I think both of us have an identity which we strive to maintain. In our music, in our stage presentation, in our actions, basically in our musical journey. You have a very interesting band motto to leave behind cultural, religious, and racial divides. To transform the the community and the individual through happy soulful music.. Have you succeeded in keeping up with it? We can only try to honestly present, musically, who we are. Remaining true to our music is the only way we can speak to whoever listens to it. An artist once told me that getting on stage is a huge responsibility for any artist, as there are people who have opened themselves up to the artist, by coming and listen to them, can be influenced by them. We try to stay true to that in our own way. Tell us about your upcoming/future projects We are totally involved, at the moment, in releasing our tracks independently, new and old. You can expect a track from us every month or so. Where do you guys draw inspiration from? Inspiration can be drawn from anything as long as one has an open mind and heart. We are fortunate to be doing what we love to do, what we are passionate about. That helps us to be inspired all the time! Listen to them: The music will speak for itself. Thanks a lot for listening! We would like to think so. The key is happy soulful music. The Score Magazine 39