The Score Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 38

PALM 2017 got off to a roaring start with long queues for the registration before opening hour at 11am. Total visitors on day 1 clocked 7682 and nearly 2000 participants, representing the exhibitors. It was thumps up across the exhibit floors from all exhibitors signaling a very high quality crowd - knowledgeable and representing prospects. This was the largest PALM expo in its 17th consecutive year, growing consistently year on year at more than 10 to 15 percent. PALM expo covered in all 27,000 sqm across the demo cubes, line arrays, live arena, conference Halls and exhibit area. Exhibits were divided into the sound and display hall and the lighting hall. PALM 2017 welcomed 30,000 visitors across 27,000 sq.m exhibit area, 10 highlight pro features PALM creates pride and position for professionals establishing credible, reputed platforms with awards, conferences, championships The biggest PALM show hosted nearly 225 exhibitors over 9500 sqm of exhibit area. Witnessing the maximum number of new products this year, Day 2 clocked 7440 unique visitors, with a record 10186 footfalls. Over the three days of the show, total unique visitors registered were 21506, an increase of 17.5% from 2016. The show hosted a total footfall of 30000 visitors across three days. "PALM 2017 welcomed 225 exhibitors across five halls and two demo grounds. This large expo replete with the latest technology from leading brands exhibited latest products from across the world. ABEC is proud to serve the pro sound & light industry in this remarkable expo which saw over 30000 trade visitors this year and which we shall build bigger and better in 2018," said Manish Gandhi, Director & COO of ABEC Exhibitions & Conferences Pvt. Ltd. Stage sound & lighting indeed was the biggest chunk of the visitor pie. Remarkably system integrators looking for solutions across AV, Audio –for-Video, cinema represents the second highest piece of the pie. Studio recording and music production solutions represented the third biggest piece of the pie. The visitors mix for each segment was a healthy average between professional talent and business buyers. “ITE takes pride in ownership of this dynamic platform, infusing energy to the event entertainment industry in India. ITE is committed to develop content to drive professional growth in India's changed stage Sound & light market. The show's success can only be attributed to the enthusiastic attendance of trade professionals. ITE is happy to serve this dynamic community,” said Gordon Payne, Asia Regional Director, ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited. ABEC successfully produced this 17th edition of the PA B^ˈHY]H[[HݚYH[[\][ۘ[\X[ۈX]\[[\[ۜ\[[ܙX]]H\Hۙ\[\YH\[\[[Z[ܘ[Y[ PP\YY\\\[^\Y[B[ۙX[X[^[]H^ݙ\[ [K[H][]H^\H[[B]\XX]]H]YY[\HYH[ܙX]]Bٙ\[ۘ[˂^HYY΂(H]\X]\H]SH\HY[\Yۚ[šYH[\Z\ܘXYK(H Y][ۈو[\[ۜ\ۘHYZ[\™[X]X[HX\ٝ[ ܙX]YHZH][[([[[ܚ\\H]\\X܈وHTPB]\\[YHHSHXHXY^[B͂BܙHXY^[BYۜܙKB(SH[[Y]\XYYHHSB]\]H[HSHXHXY^[K