The Score Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 34

Tell us about your music & your set list at Live Arena this year Selva Ganesh Usually people expect fusion when they see instruments like drums. We essentially play classical but with a different dimension. We don’t fix any piece of music. We just discuss the raag and taal, and play whatever comes naturally on stage. The sitar is by itself a classical instrument, and the idea is that the kanjira should sound more like a tabla than a drum set, with a Carnatic vocabulary. Rhythm Shaw I’ve worked on some finger-style acoustic guitar music and some rock, funk, jazz and varied combinations. I’m glad to have made friends here and found the industry’s top musicians to help me express my music and play my parts. Sivamani A.R Rahman gifted me a Continuum that I was very glad to have, and there were a lot of smaller additional percussive instruments that I couldn’t play last year. I just like to try new sounds. Playing with Rhythm Shaw was also great cause it reminded me of my old days of playing with a rock band (laughs). Anand Bhaskar Collective We’re an alternative rock act and write our lyrics in Hindi, and we have influences of classical, Carnatic elements mostly brought through by the vocals and violin. The music itself can be put under the heavy, alternative rock category. Our melodies are pop and our themes are inspired by everything around us. We interacted with a host of different artists and bands playing in the Harman Live Arena at this year’s Palm Expo, and we’ve compiled their thoughts and views into a few broad categories. Tejas Menon We played some songs that were written from my 2014 album, and a couple that are from my upcoming album. I’m trying to walk the fine line between contemporary stuff and the classic, analog sounds. I have members in my band who are into the classic Simon and Garfunkel kind of stuff as well as those who listen to Ceili Mor and Vulfpek, and I personally also listen to a lot of electronic music and so we do tend to incorporate both elements into our music. The Kush Upadhyay Group As a band we started writing together 3 years ago and put out two EPs. The music we played was really fresh and written like a month ago and we wanted to see what people thought of it. What do you think about the Harman Live arena and the sound on stage? Selva Ganesh It sounded great! We’re trying hard to bring out classical sounds in ways that rock or pop would, and the sound on this stage definitely helps achieve that. Rhythm Shaw It was perfect actually. We didn’t sound check together (with Sivamani) on stage, but I loved the sound. It was really enjoyable. 32 The Score Magazine