The Score Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 32

Tanya Nambiar Singer-Songwriter Tanya Nambiar spoke to us about her latest EP, her music routine, the gear used by her, journey so far and more. Quickly tell us about your latest EP and what you are working on right now. I released my debut EP titled "Good Girls Gone" on 7th june across all platforms. Currently been working on its promotions. What inspired the making of your latest number and how long did it take to finish? Well my debut EP " Good Girls Gone" is the latest release. Three tracks make up this EP. I can't really slot it under one genre but it's a mix of pop, blues and rock. We blocked ourselves in the studio and recorded all three tracks in one day! This EP is dedicated to all the women around the world. "If doing things my way makes me a bad girl, I rather be a bad girl for life" Tell us about your band, members, and your greatest influencers. Currently my band comprises of Abhishek Lal on the guitar, Vishal Dixit on the keys and Arko Ganguly on drums. I am influenced by so many artists across different genres. Madonna was my greatest influence when I was growing up. And then Amy winehouse was someone who left a deep impact on me. What was your first number and when was it released? Tell us about your journey so far. 2012 -2014 I was the vocalist of a band called Gravy Train. The band split up and it left me quite lost. I spent the whole of 2015 songwriting and working towards a new direction. 2016 I released my first single as a solo artist. The song was a simple acoustic song called “Life as you know it” and it received a wonderful response. It’s been 8 years overall in the music scene and there have been so many ups and downs but I don’t slow down for even a bit. Music is all I know and want to do. Your favorite musicians and bands? This would be a really long list- Sheryl crow, Amy winehouse, Bette Davis, Ray Charles, Stevie wonder, Peggy lee, Nirvana, The Doors, The kinks, Nina Simone. What advice would you give to beginners? 30 The Score Magazine Put out music that you connect with the most. You have to be able to express yourself honestly through music. First make music for yourself and become good at that, your audience will automatically find and follow you. What gears do you usually use on a regular basis for recording? For my vocals, we use a Genesis Tube condenser microphone. What is your biggest challenge as an independent artist and what is the one thing that you would like to change in the industry? It’s difficult doing everything all by yourself. I am my own singer, songwriter, pr person, brand manager, finance collector. The scene here definitely needs more artist managers. What made you quit your day job? I didn’t want to be just another regular person stuck in a 9-5 job. Life is too short and I want to live it to the fullest which means doing something I love and doing it every day. I want the world to know who Tanya Nambiar is. Music and entertainment is my passion and I had to give it a shot. Quitting my job was the best decision of my life. What other jobs do you manage to juggle along with music? Apart from music, I am a karaoke jockey, an anchor, a voice over artist and a businesswoman. My husband and I recently started a brand of hot sauces called “El Diablo”. How would you define your music and how do you go about writing it? I hate putting my music under one particular genre. I am influenced by so many genres and I try to put those influences in my music. I would like to call my music as easy listening. It’s a mix of blues, pop, a bit of jazz and rock n roll. I like to keep my lyrics simple and hooky. I want people to sing along or be able to relate to my songs. First I make a tune and then go on to write the lyrics. What do you think about the indie music scene right now? It’s evolving at rapid speed. There are so many artists representing different genres now. Also indian independent artists playing across the world. I think the indie scene here is taking shape. There is a lot of structuring required but it’s getting there. What are your plans for the future? I want to set out on a grand tour for my music. Definitely put an album together. I want to continue making music. My eyes are set on some big stages and I’m going to continue to work hard to get there. Go Hard or Go Home, right??