The Score Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 28

MUMBAI ENZY STUDIOS About ENZY Studios ENZY is a state of the art recording and music production facility, located in the heart of Mumbai. It is a sound house which provides high quality environment for musicians to create magic along with state of the art acoustics and pristine sound. Founded by music composer Nisschal Zaveri, the studio has catered to more than 300 musicians and eminent personalities of the Indian Film Industry. Spanning over 5500 sq ft, it is one of the largest recording facilities in India. It has two studios, Studio A and Studio Y along with Isolation Room A and Y. The heart of the studio is the massive 900 sq ft Live Recording Theatre that sits between the two studios. In a short span of four years, this studio has emerged as a leading music production facility winning two IRAA Awards in consecutive years; Best Equipped Recording/Mixing Studio 2015, Studio of the Year 2016. Nisschal’s vision is to provide an international recording experience to his clients. The Studio is designed by Jerry Steckling from JSX Audio, California and the execution was done by Kapil Thirwani of Munro Acoustics, UK. ENZY’s equipment outfitting/ design and logistics for cabling was done by Westlake Pro, Hollywood. Design and system integration in Mumbai was executed by Robin Monterio and Remo Lobo. Nisschal, a music production graduate from Los Angeles, handpicked the equipment finding a right balance between Analogue and Digital. How Nisschal organizes, plans, and prioritizes his work He is a composer first, and his main focus has always been music. The studio was also created with an idea that he would use one room and the other room will be available for artists and other musicians 26 The Score Magazine Celebrating four years of ENZY Studios - We take a tour inside one of the biggest recording facilities in India. Nisschal Zaveri talks about recording, production and more. to rent out. ENZY Studios has a great team; they have people who are responsible for studio bookings, planning and recordings. The studio strives on excellence! They make sure that the setup is done before hand, and no client has to wait or spend extra money on setup. According to Nisschal, Recording studio business is a hospitality business, in a way, basic etiquette such as offering tea coffee or assisting people with parking and greeting them when they first enter are all equally important aspects for client satisfaction. All these factors add to the vision of providing a serene and hygienic environment to all the musicians. Challenges faced by him while setting up the studio According to him, challenges are often feared upon by many people. He looks at challenges as an opportunity to grow and improve. There are lots of challenges that come up every now and then, such as some equipment suddenly crashes or one odd day, the air-conditioning is not functioning. These are problems which are easily tackled by thinking ahead and pro-actively. There is always a way to overcome challenges. Initially, they had a big task of who will execute Jerry's highly technical designs. Eventually found the right person in Kapil and it was only a matter of inquiring and asking people. It took a little research time but things were smoothly completed on time. As a musician, he says he faces many challenges on how to write a new melody. More than challenges, insecurities come in; there is a long wait for a song to click with directors and producers. Until then it’s a struggle period, one gets filled with emotions such as self doubt or frustration. The best way to overcome that is keep working, keep on working with perseverance, success will eventually come.