The Score Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 25

AMOGH RAO INDIE REVIEWS We’ve seen a whole new wave of musicians coming up in the music scene this year. Here’s a quick review of a couple of very fascinating EPs and tracks that have come together in the past few months featuring some prominent and some relatively new artists from the indie scene. Mixtaped Monk and Cousin Silas Indian music producer Arka Sengupta aka Mixtaped Monk and British ambient music legend Cousin Silas have put together a 9 track full- length concept album called Urban Lonesome that has been critically acclaimed. This work is probably some of the best in the genre this year, with every track masterfully creating a post-rock atmosphere that is very hard to get right. The best thing about it being a split album is that there’s a whole spectrum of sounds covered within the ambient and experimental environment with two unique yet very similar perspectives. Rainburn Another band from Bangalore that has made a significant impact on the progressive scene this year is Rainburn. They released their debut EP Canvas of Silence in 2015 that created a pretty big stir in the global prog scene. Merchant of Dreams is their first release since going through some line-up changes. According to the band, “The song embodies the spirit of a dreamer as he puts forth his mind’s fruits for the world to reap, (it is about) his hope and desire to rise and grow beyond. The shackles of reality as he takes on the larger-than- life persona of the Merchant of Dreams.” The song is available for download on iTunes, cdbaby and SoundCloud Parvaaz You’ve probably heard of this Bangalore-based contemporary rock group before, with their fascinating blend of psychedelic and progressive elements coupled with Kashmiri and Urdu vocals. In 2012 the band released an EP called Behosh, followed by the full length, critically acclaimed album Baran in 2014 and a live DVD called Transitions in 2016. Their latest release is “Colour White”, a single that depicts emotional turmoil and human struggle, aptly exemplified through an intense composition. A brilliant video was shot for it and we highly recommend checking it out. Tanya Nambiar New Delhi-based singer-songwriter who left a corporate job in sales to pursue her passion has taken the indie scene by storm, steadily leaving her mark with simple, powerful and relatable music. An icon for women across the country, her determination to make it big and strength to manage not just her singing career but also a host of other jobs has created quite an impression. Experimenting and working with all sorts of music styles and genres from jazz and pop to soul and RnB, she has infused her own uniqueness into each of them. She is now out with her EP titled "Good Girls Gone" which she dedicates to all the women around the world. "If doing things my way makes me a bad girl, I rather be a bad girl for life”, she says. The Score Magazine 23