The Score Magazine - Archive April 2017 - Page 45

glass, banda hun main sidha sadha itni si baat’, this was the first line that came to my mind. I wanted to talk about everything that the youth feels and is experiencing so I started visiting clubs and public places to observe things. I also joined dating app Tinder, to see how real or fake relationships have become. So it took me a lot of time to write the whole song and then composing music for this wasn’t that easy as I wanted it to sound different. I was keen on getting the best mixing engineer for it and finally found the right person for it ‘James Krausse’. He has worked for Beyonce , Justin Bieber and many more international artists. My brother 'Neeraj Hinduja’ is the director of the video who had spent a lot of time planning the video. We shot it for 5 days in Leh and it wasn’t easy shooting there as it took us 2 days to acclimatize to the atmosphere. But as we all know, where there is will there is a way. So we got all our end product after all the hard work of the team What were the barriers you faced while getting trained by yourself as a singer? As I am not a born/trained singer so it wasn’t that easy for me to go ahead with singing career. Then before I could go to a composer and ask him to compose a song for me, I decided to learn how to compose music, understand the technicalities so that I don’t sound a completely naive , and I would have a clear picture of what kind of song / music I want. So I learnt music production, listened to a single song 1000 times to understand how it would have been composed and also continued with my singing classes under Smt.Shilpi Ratnesh. It’s still not easy as I am still taking my training classes to do better. How do you think you can make a change in this dynamic industry? Well I have just started off and I am learning from every musician and singer that is there in the scene. Everyone is so talented and everyone is unique. My only aim is to combine Music and Dance together and give the audience a new, different music and visual. It is always your presentation in the video and on the stage which makes the viewers watch again and again as it was with MJ. So my aim is to bring the difference by combining all the things together and come out to be a 360 degree artist and performer. I am hoping this will be loved by everyone as it’s only how you entertain people. Tell us about your upcoming projects I am working on dance numbers and would be releasing them really soon. Also trying to change the music videos the way they are being shot in India. So hopefully if everything would be sorted my next video would be very different. Recently I released a hilarious video - a fusion of Yoga and modern dance - shows the group pull off some terrific and never- seen-before dance moves with the voice of Baba Ramdev giving out tips on health interspersed in it. Yoga is about flexibility, fitness, and fortitude. No one ever said, “Yoga is fun!” We’ve all been bombarded with the importance of practicing it for long-term health benefits, but most of us give up after some time. Mostly, because it isn’t fun. However, this dance group called INVINCIBLE led by Shraey Khanna changes all that! The combination of dance steps to the Yoga asanas, makes you sit up and take notice. Being a singer, a dancer, a writer and a music composer I just want to make something which entertains public. The video ‘Yoga se Hoga’ released has dance having instructions of Baba Ramdev in a more funny and interactive way. After releasing my song ‘Haath mie daru nahi’ I started working on this dance video. I am glad that people loved it and sharing it everywhere in future I am I will be releasing more such videos with my own music. Any artist you would like to collaborate with and why? As I said my music career has just begun and I am still learning from everyone, so collaboration with great artist would be like a dream come true. It is my dream to collaborate with Honey Paji and Chris brown one day. “ Being a singer, a dancer, a writer and a music composer I just want to make something which entertains public. Music or Dance? Dansic Best performance ever? When I performed MJ style for the first time in 2007 Stage you would like to perform in? IIFA Your favourite music composer? Honey Singh , AR Rahman Mainstream or Indie music? Mainstream Music The Score Magazine 43