The Score Magazine - Archive April 2017 - Page 44

STAR OF THE MONTH SHRAEY KHANNA Having roots in dance, what made you get into singing too? When I was a kid, I saw someone doing Moonwalk on Indian show "BoogieWoogie", I practiced that move and in 3-4 days I could do moonwalk . One day accidently I saw MJ on some Music channel, it was then that I realised that there is a legendary pop star named Michael Jackson. MJ has been my first and biggest inspiration. It was my dream to be a stage performer, complete entertainer like him. In the 90's, access to information wasn’t easy at all so I never could understand that he is at that stature as he is an amazing singer and dancer. I was not a born singer so I thought I would never be able to achieve it. So, began my journey as a dancer / choreographer, Won reality show IDS on Star Plus and after winning the show got the opportunity to Choreograph MJ style to Yo Yo Honey Singh . Honey paji is a one man army, He sings, he composes music ,he writes and so talking and listening to his inspiring life stories , I was charged up again and decided to learn music and be someone who can sing , compose , write and dance and try to be a better Entertainer like MJ and Honey Paji. You are compared to MJ as being a good dancer and a singer. How does that feel? Was he your inspiration? Well, I don’t think I am being compared to MJ Sir. He is a legend and I am just following his path. I am not even 1% of what he is. My friends and well-wishers like it when I do Mj style and that has always encouraged me to try to combine Music and Dance together. On the other hand, it is always a blue moon feeling when you start achieving something you dreamt of moreover walking on the path of someone like MJ is difficult and challenging too. He is my inspiration and because of him I am trying to change the performance trend in the current scenario. Tell us about your non-alcoholic party anthem Hath Mei Daru Nahi is India's first Non-Alcoholic Party Anthem , it is aimed at creating a party mood without a mention of alcohol, drugs, girls or cars. This song is actually taken from my life’s experiences. Every time I go to a party, my friends make fun of me because they see a glass of juice in my hand, rather than a glass of wine. I recently got to know about one class 12 student from my neighbourhood, who was in a rehab centre for a year to get over drug addiction. I don't know why, but gradually drinking or smoking has become a status symbol or maybe it makes them look cool (that's what the youth thinks). So, I thought why not make a song with no alcohol, no drugs, no girls, no cars and make it sound cool. ‘Hath mei daru nahi juice ka 42 The Score Magazine