The Score Magazine - Archive April 2017 - Page 41

so much to learn in the world of music. So I withdrew myself and started focusing on how I can learn to craft my own art better and learn more about all the elements that are involved to express myself better as an artist, which involved music videos production, Marketing, Networking, etc.The next seven years I spent exploring these elements that make up the music industry. How do you multi task being a rapper, producer and an entrepreneur? It all comes down to being organised and being disciplined. But I have one strict rule with myself that is if I make a film/video I don't like to get too involved with music and and that goes with business too. I take it one step at a time. I believe we as human beings are gifted to do so much, so why limit your true potential? What's your take on the current Independent music scene in India? I believe it's growing at a rapid pace and the audience is maturing gradually . By the time the youth from my generation get a chance to showcase what they have to offer, I think the industry will be at a place to leverage the talent forward. these are the same people who are an integral part of the system. I used to hear everybody talk about things, like, “Bollywood is lacking quality execution”. You put in the work and give an alternative to that, rather than just talk about it. There will be like mined people who will connect with your ideas and help you grow. The vision of JAB is to connect with those like minded people who come from different background but share a similar passion (when it come to their art) and provide a brand/Platform though which they can express their final products. Our motto is : Practice, Perform, Inspire. What are the current projects you are working on? Starting end of 2016 I have started to focus on developing more content showcasing the Northeast because that's what defines me as an individual. I always wanted to represent my own in a way that connects with the next generation. In the music headspace, I'm working on an Assamese rap track with Su real which is set to be releasing towards the end of march. In terms of film, I'm personally working on a travel web series and some more content with like minded creators. Your best performances till date? I'll answer it in the best way I can. In my 2016 winter northeast tour, I performed in various venues such as NH7 Shillong, Orange Festival, Mizoram Music Festival etc. I’m fan of music first and then a creator, I don’t like to create These are few of the highlights. But the one that stuck to me barriers between different genes. I listen to every kind of personally was when we were closing for Eric Martin from music and I learn from all of them whatever I can. My music the legendary band Mr.Big and the next thing I know was defines me as an artist. Storytelling is important for me. that Eric Martin was on stage dancing and filming my whole That is who I am as a person. And most importantly I don't show. It meant a lot to me personally because growing up in think as a musician, I see the whole film/music before it is northeast, these guys were like gods to us. Definitely won't even created and I think that's what brings in my flavour forget that. to the game. The music that I try to create has a lot of folk origin. My influences are mostly from Rap music which is Future projects to look out for. again the folk music of African descent living in America. I like to give the audience something to think about after they I’m creating all the time. A lot of new interesting content is coming out this year starting with my big single with Su listen or watch one of my pieces. Real. Who ever is interested can follow my website (www. for the updates. Tell us a little bit about your community Just How do you perceive your music to be different from your peers? Another Being. Just Another Being was founded in 2015, when I was frustrated with the fact that majority of people were just talking about WHAT IS GOOD AND BAD (context with the music business) but really don’t do anything about it, and Your message to upcoming artists like you. Keep it real and keep it honest. No money, no equipment, nobody can stop you from doing what you do. If you want it. Make it, fight for it. The Score Magazine 39