The Score Magazine - Archive April 2017 - Page 38

Indulgence In conversation with Aurelio, the magic and brains behind Auroville’s music therapy and research centre Svaram Tell us about yourself and how Svaram came about Having travelled for many years all over the world and staying with indigenous cultures in search of the origin of music making of humanity and after decades ofresearch into sound and consciousness, a primal socio-economic need for survival and employment of the rural youth in neighbouring villages sprouted the seed of Svaram, which, besides serving this immediate need, wanted to create musical instruments that are easy to approach and open a simple entry into the magic of sound explorations and music for everyone. Why Auroville and India? India harbours one of the most ancient and elaborate traditions of not only music making but of a metaphysical and philosophical understanding of music as the vibrational world and its role in existence and in an evolving humanity. Auroville is an international campus of a new integral approach to life and a kind of laboratory of human evolution, bringing together the best of 'the East and the West' (the ancient spiritual and modern scientific) in a creative synthesis and progressive exploration and is a rewarding place to experiment with the place of adeepening aural awareness and the role of music in education and health, peace and freedom for the emergence of a harmonious global civilisation. How does sonic healing exactly work and why must people consider thisover other forms of treatment? The work with Sound Healing is an expression of a new paradigm and holistic approach towards health and wellbeing, and is not based on symptomatic treatments for specific ailments. The organism is seen as a totality of the physical, emotional, energetic, mental, sociological, environmental and spiritual layers and dimensions ofour existence and each condition of “dis-ease” and ailment 36 The Score Magazine is an indicator of a general or specific imbalance and disharmony in the system. The organism and thebeing are stimulated through the exposure to selected harmonising frequencies togenerate and reactivate homeo-dynamic self healing powers and an overall awareness of one's ailing condition or cause of symptoms. Even while marked effects of lowering or stimulating pulse rate, blood pressure, deep relaxation andstimulation or sedating effects through rhythmic entrainment is proven, a direct scientific cause- effect relationship between an application and cure would be limiting the work into a narrow allopathic framework of trying to fix parts without taking the whole context of the patients situation into consideration. So while there are proven direct effects of specific sound and vibrational applications, it is the totality of thephenomena, the setting, the contact, the situation, the analyses, the experience, theassimilation and integration which can bring the patient into a growing awareness ofthe circumstances and cause