The Score Magazine - Archive April 2017 - Page 35

In Conversation with VANDANA VISHWAS We chat with the talented singer Vandana Vishwas on her latest album Parallels, her view on the Indie scene in India, and more. Tell us about the concept behind your latest album Parallels with so many categories, so that definitely gives the artists something to look forward too The process of Parallels has been going on since many years. I even released my second album Monologue in between hat phase. You know what happened when in went to Toronto, which is like a mini world. you will get to hear music of all kinds, from various worlds and genres and that too all authentic. When I heard all those, I realised and felt that our Indian Classical music does resemble it and stands out differently as well at the same time. And since then I have wanted to work with different genres and styles of Music. I had many ideas flowing by then finally I came down to one concept which is One composition will be treated in two different genre styles. So, Parallels comprises of 5 pairs of ten unique ‘Parallel’ songs that revolve around collaboration of Indian music with different genres of mainstream and World music. So, the soul is India Classical Music in each of the songs. Also, Schools should introduce preliminary education on Indian Classical Music depends on which part of India you are in. People still don’t know there are two styles of music- North Indian and South Indian. So right from the beginning, basics should be thought and introduced as a part of the syllabus and I am sure people will love it, because our India Culture is beautiful. How do you perceive Independent music in India to be? I think, in India, media is a way to influence the audience so it becomes medias responsibility to let people know that Art is Art, doesn’t matter if it’s Bollywood Music or independent music, if you like it, one must promote and listen to it. So, the Independent music is not that strong here in the country, if you go to see Radio stations do not even play independent music nor do they promote independent artists regularly. Also, because Independent artists have low budget but their hard work is definitely more, film music has more budget, more hands to work with. Definitely there need to be more platforms that should promote Independent Music, especially Radio and TV. Reality shows- fame is timely. Once the season is done, there will be another winner. So, you have to be able to carve your own niche at the end of the day. What would you like to see as a change in the Indie scene? I think Bollywood Film Music is dominating and I don’t blame the audience because they are enjoying what they are served They’re not aware, they need to be made aware that film music is not Indian music… When you travel the world, people want to listen o classical Indian authentic music, ghazals and Sufi not Bollywood music. If I listen to a Chinese Musician, I want to hear the Chinese traditional culture and not its westernized form. Saying that, of course there are many platforms now that are giving a chance like Hungama, Gaana Savan. But I just think Radio stations need to be more proactive and willing to support Independent Music. There should be specific awards too for independent music, that will definitely give the musicians a push. Like in Toronto, there is a separate Award Function for Independent music How did it feel to be receiving a Silver medal at the Global Music Awards 2016? It was a great feeling. Being acknowledged for your talent and hard work always means a lot. Hailing from Lucknow India, how did you manage to create a musical space for you in Toronto? Was it hard? I never thought all this. I practice music for my soul, as my passion. Even when I moved to Toronto, I never thought I need to network or impress anybody. Because I knew I was true to my talent and passion and my music would find its own way. I do what I like, if people love it, well that’s an added cherry on the cake then. How do you manage to sing in different languages? What were the barriers you initially faced? I have been born and bought up in a cosmopolitan environment. So, I tend to understand the accent of many languages. When I have to sing in a different language, I make sure I get it translated and understand so I can express and emote while singing. The most challenging till now has been Manipuri, very tough to get the right accent. N and G, most words start with, so to get that right and especially while s