The Score Magazine - Archive April 2017 - Page 34

ADITI SARAWAGI Indian Artists Doing Well Abroad India is a multi-cultural country and has talent hidden in all its corners and Indians are reaching out across the world and making the whole country proud. There is no dearth of musicians in India or abroad. There are several Indian origin singers, musicians and artists who are making the world dance to their tunes. Let’s take a look at some global success stories. FREDDIE MERCURY VIDYA VOX SIDDHARTHA KHOSLA When it comes to Indian origin musicians making waves in the world, the first name which comes to mind is Freddie Mercury who was the lead vocalist of the English rock band Queen. Born as Farrokh Bulsara, he was a Parsi hailing from southern Gujarat and he spent most of his childhood in a Panchgani boarding school. He was very well known for his stage performances and the band delivered memorable songs like Somebody to Love, Don’t Stop Me Now and the Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Vidya Iyer or as she is more popularly known Vidya Vox, is a very well- known singer and artiste with a YouTube channel having millions of subscribers. She is an Indian-born American who is trained in Carnatic Classical music and performs with Shankar Tucker on his channel. She is famous for her mash-ups and sings in English, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and even French. He is part of the American Indie Rock act Goldspot. Their music has been featured on popular television shows like ‘The O.C.’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The band has also composed music for ‘The Neighbors’ and also for ‘The Royals’. NICKI MINAJ A very popular American rapper, singer and songwriter, very few people know of Nicki’s Indian roots. Her father was an Indo-Trinidadian whose ancestors came to the Caribbean from India. She has had seven singles simultaneously on the U.S. Billboard hot 100 charts and is one of the most popular pop singers today having received as many as 10 Grammy nominations amongst awards and accolades. NORAH JONES Pandit Ravi Shankar’s daughter, Geetali Norah Jones Shankar or Norah Jones as she is popularly known is a nine-time Grammy winner. She has been an international star and has been listed in the top artists list of the decade for 2000- 2009 by Billboard. KIM THAYIL Another Indo-American musician, Kim Thayil is the lead guitarist of the Seattle-based rock band Soundgarden. He was also named the 100th greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine. 32 The Score Magazine SHIRLEY SETIA Shirley Setia is an Indo- Kiwi singer from New Zealand. She became an overnight YouTube star after winning a contest conducted by T-Series. Since then she has collaborated with artists from US, UK, India and Canada. Her videos have notched up more than 30 million views and is ۙHو]X[[&\Y\[\][ۘ[\\ˈH\X[BYY][XZH\YH^XXœ[[[H[X[[H[\KӒUHSBH^XX[\[] ۚ]H[B\[[P[YX[[\\ܚY[[ۙX\\[ݙ\š\ܙY] H[[[Z[ [YB[[H\[ ][Z[[ۜقXܚX\ۈ\[UXH[[ B\\H[\ݙ\X[YYXH\[ PSTUSۛH\H[X[ܚY[[\XZ[]\˜XY [P[Y\X[]\X\\\܈X[\][\\H[ۛۂ܈\ܚ[[Y\X[\Y\&H\]\[[][]H[H\˜[ۈH]\X\\\܈وBYX\]\[ L܈\ܚ[&\&KSHSTBH]\[X[]\XœX\[\\ [B[\H\\Y]\X܈[\[Y\X[ZBL L [\[Z[K[ ܘXK\Y\]\HH]\\^[H]KHZ[^H˜[[Y\X\^[[ \]\X\][X]\Y[HH[[[HYH\Z[KSHSP’[H[X\H]\[X[\\\[\]\XX\[[[[Y\B\Y[ܚ[[\™Y[܈ HYX\[ۜH]\XœX[ۈY[[HRQ[X”Y[ˈH\\YH[YB]\X܈HYYH\Y\8&]^[[&K]\XۛXۙH[[[›X]\HܚY[[[[^\œ[\Y[XZ\]›ۈXH[Hܛ[\B\\ݙH\][\[›X[H\XZHZ\B[H]\X[\H\[