The Score Magazine - Archive April 2017 - Page 30

THE S T R A N G E S T MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SHREYA BOSE It is astounding enough to know that the Hawaiian people have an ancient practice in which a leaf is made to whistle. In oth- er words, they play a leaf much like someone you or someone you know would play a clarinet. However, turns out that there are far more interesting, curious and sometimes strange devices that serve as instruments. Take a peek at the list below to get your jaw dropping. THE 12 NECK GUITAR THEREMIN THE VEGETABLE ORCHESTRA Yes, that is a thing. Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh combines mass- produced guitars in order to “unleash the energy residing in their function and shape”. That has led to him turning them into these incredible sculptures that could easily replace paintings on walls. They might be a tad difficult to play, but no doubt that if it could be managed, the sounds they produce would be unmatched. One should possibly try to get Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielson to try one of these, given that his instrument is a custom 1981 Hamer that includes a 12 string, a 6 string, a 6 string with a whammy, another 6 string and a fretless 6 string. Five necks. Can twelve be all that difficult for him? Named after its creator, Leon Theremin, this instrument stands out for the strangest of reasons – you play it without touching it. The thereminist waves their hands in air (in very specific ways, though to the uninitiated, it might look like they are trying to summon a demon), causing an eerie tone to be spun out of nothing ( or so it appears ). Two antennas and the thereminist’s hands’ distance from each determined the quality and pitch of the sound. The distan HHۙB[[H]\Z[\\]Y[H ] K[H\[HHH\۝˜[\]YH [YJKY\\\B^YYH[ݚ[H[\B][[KY\\\H^YYH[ݚ[H[]^HHB[YH[[K[[\H]\X[ܛ\H]\XB]^\Z\]\Xۈ[[Y[›XYH]و\Y]X\ˈB[[XHۜ\و]\XX[\X[\\\]X\Yۙ\YYXB\\ܚ]\[[]œ^H][\[\\\\\H[H\HX[B[X[ۈوܙ[XXKBܘ\H\\HH[[ZX][˜Y[[\][ۈ܈][Y[YX\˂H]\XX[]HHۛB[Y]Z[XH^X[]وܙY[][]X[HYY]X\HHX\]YܙH]\B\ܛX[H [ZH\]\XX[&BZ\[[Y[[ K\B[H\X][H]^H[[ۂ\[[[Y[[X\H܈\˂H][\]Z\\ܛX[\›ۈ[]XK[YY[ۙH]\[[B]]]H^H][\ ][H˂H\[Z[\Y[X]\Y[[Xو[ݚY\ZHZZ0”ޜx&\[[ HYZ[ [\\\X[&\H^BHX\[ [YHۙ܂[]\[ۈX\ZYY\]\\ˈ][\^\[ۘ[BZ]Y܈Y\YKZ[\܈[X\]ܞB[\[ [X[X\^Z[H[[H NNNH\۞[[\ݙ[ BBܙHXY^[BYۜܙK