The SCORE 2015 Issue 4

Manage your business and we will manage your risk. THE THE MAGAZINE OF FRANCHISE BUSINESS SERVICES | 2 015 ISSUE 4 2015 As a Buffalo Wild Wings® franchise owner, you think about service, productivity, laws and regulations, time management and the everyday challenges of running a business. Insurance for your franchise doesn’t have to be one of those concerns. BB&T Insurance Services is proud to be Franchise Business Services’ (FBS)* exclusive property and casualty insurance provider. Our agents are licensed in all 50 states and work with franchise owners throughout the nation. Your business will be supported by a dedicated team of franchise insurance specialists who are knowledgeable about your industry and will develop a plan specifically for you. Advantages of our program for FBS members: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Competitive pricing on all lines of coverage A dedicated team of specialists from BB&T Insurance Services Certificates of insurance within 24 hours Proactive renewal planning conducted 60 days prior to the plan expiration date Claims assistance and loss control services We are excited to work with you and encourage you to take the time to learn about BB&T Insurance Services. To speak with the FBS team, please call or email: ServiceNow 1-888-399-2040 *FBS is unaffiliated with BB&T Insurance Services, Inc. © 2014, Branch Banking and Trust Company. All rights reserved. Business Summit FBS Insurance Services 1-866-402-7952 16 32 A Look at Your New Board of Directors Members The Art of Multiunit Leadership