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ensues with a grass field as the result of poor field conditions, she added, “good coaching and committed players will hopefully level the playing field as the season progresses.” At the end of the day, it really comes down to the coaching and athletes doing what they can to make the best out of any situation.

In Sandwich, Eastman notices an improvement in games that are able to be played on turf fields. “I do think games played on their high school turf fields

have a little more positive energy and significance,” Eastman explained. While many grass venues across the state are well kept and can still be an enjoyable experience, the chance to play on turf or even a stadium always brings a little more excitement to youngsters everywhere.

Eastman added that turf fields are usually a great experience for spectators as well. He explained that better parking and nicer seating options are usually more available to spectators at turf fields. However, this luxury playing environment comes with a much larger price tag.


The debate between the affordability of grass and the functionality of turf fields is one that will go on for many years to come. However, the increase of alternative playing venues has been able to positively impact the entire MBYLL program. The availability to play lacrosse during inclement weather at a turf field, in an indoor facility, or even a local gymnasium has allowed for the game to grow faster than ever. As a result, the state has never seen youth lacrosse able to be played at such a high level.

While it’s easy to get caught up on fields, at the end of the day, much more goes into the growth of the game. Regardless of a program’s field situation, program board members, coaches, players, and parents are really what makes a program. Good coaching and committed players are something that can impact the game far more than a playing surface. Though it may be tough to predict what the local fields may look after a long winter, it’s safe to say that every member of MBYLL will do all they can to make each year more enjoyable than the previous year.

2016 MBYLL Season Dates

Week 1 April 10

Week 2 April 17

Week 3 April 24

Week 4 May 1

Week 5 May 8

Week 6 May 15

Week 7 May 22

Week 8 June 5

Jamboree June 11-12

June 18-19


january 22-24 Baltimore, MD

Pictured above: Mass Bay Select All-Star & Mass Bay Colonial Tyler Woolf of

Boston Youth Lacrosse