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2012, 2013


Originally drafted by Rochester in the MLL draft (2012), he was acquired

by the Cannons in the 2013 Supplemental Draft

Currently working for Brown Brothers Harriman in New York while playing for the Boston Cannons

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The athletic merits speak for themselves, but Bunker, who studied economics, embodies all that a “student-athlete” is about. NESCAC schools push their students academically and he excelled in the classroom.

Equally focused on his studies and skills, Bunker interned at Brown Brothers Harriman, a nearly 200-year-old financial firm, the summer before his senior year.

“I love the competitiveness of the NESCAC and at the same time they put the focus on academics,” Bunker said. “At the end of the day, that’s why you go to college. Even playing professional lacrosse now, we do make money, but it’s not nearly enough to have a career or solely play professional lacrosse. The experience I got at Colby is something I am truly thankful for.”

With a strong athletic and academic background, Bunker ultimately was selected by the Cannons in the 2013 Supplemental Draft. He currently works for Brown Brothers Harriman in their New York City treasury department, a place where he manages the bank’s books every day.

From an identity perspective, Bunker still views himself as the kid from Topsfield who played Division III lacrosse and is blessed to work and play professional lacrosse. Balancing the two worlds is a fickle task, but he wouldn’t change his life for one second.

“When I was an 18-year-old freshman walking on to the campus of Colby for the first time, I never could

have imagined that I would be where I am athletically in my career,” Bunker said. “I’ve played with absolute legends of the game like Casey Powell, Ryan Boyle, and Paul Rabil. None of it ever really seemed possible.”

Bunker is living out a boyhood dream that is “icing on cake at this point,” and it’s

all because of lacrosse. Had Bunker not joined MBYLL back in grade school,

it’s unclear if he would’ve enjoyed such successes.

Nonetheless, here he is—basking in all that lacrosse has provided. He coaches youth lessons, works with Trilogy Lacrosse, and is confident that he’ll stay

involved in the game

when he has children

of his own.

Most importantly,

lacrosse has provided

Bunker with an un-

wavering work ethic,

steadfast mental tough-

ness, and ability to deal

with adversity. Those are

real world skills that resonate

on the field and in the office.

“I’m just incredibly blessed

to play this sport as long as I

have and I don’t see it stopping

anytime soon,” Bunker said.

“Lacrosse will always be a part of

my life.”