The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 8

5. Quiet t he Chat t er and Noise - There is so much activity around us. When we can go to a place of silence we quiet the ongoing noise, even if only for a few minutes. This creates a space of rejuvenation and reflection, which open us up to the larger energies of the universe and spirit. This opening is not only good for your well-being, it makes you a more calm and mindful person. 6. Open t he window of your heart and l ist en t o spirit ? We need to connect with spirit in our own way. Everyone has a personal way to connect to the universe. Find your way and let go. When you silence the mind, focus some of that time opening the heart. Visualize your heart chakra opening up and connecting to spirit. Put out some special prayers or affirmations that are heart-centered. This connects us to unity and love with all. 7. Deep List ening ? When you let go and are silent you are listening deeply. This is when you connect to your intuition and to the universe. Deep listening is about letting go of the ego and becoming more heart-centered and soul-based. This means letting go of judgment, worries, fears, and surrendering to the present. 8. Ut il ize Nat ure t o Inspire Sacred Sil ence ? Nature is one of our best teachers. We can utilize the powerful and healing elements of Mother Earth. Being silent in nature is one of the most effective ways to be mindful and listen to that inner voice of yourself and the universe. Visually nature is soothing and in balance so it relaxes us into a quiet state. It also inspires us to go deep within with reflection, prayer or meditation. Get out in nature with a nice walk, or go to a natural area close by, even your backyard or a park can be quiet and healing. The most important thing you can do is just take some time to be quiet. Small steps and brief moments of silence are a great start. With any change taking small steps helps you change the course in your life. With regular practice you will then begin to notice differences that will awaken you and change your life. Brian Heat er has been a mindf ul ness coach & counsel or f or over 30 years. He is t he aut hor of 3 books and numerous art icl es. He has st udied al l of t he worl d's spirit ual t radit ions ext ensivel y, as wel l as met aphysics and new t hought phil osophies. He has addit ional t raining in eart h-based shamanic heal ing pract ices as wel l as al l -encompassing work in medit at ion and mindf ul ness. Al l of t his diverse background gives him a sol id f oundat ion f or hel ping ot hers on t heir journey t owards sel f -discovery and heal ing. Int erest ed in awakening t o your t rue pot ent ial ? Brian of f ers t wo ways t o began. For a l imit ed t ime Brian is of f ering his popul ar ebook "30 St eps t o Conscious Living" FREE on his websit e. For t hose int erest ed in coaching or counsel ing, he al so of f ers a FREE 30 minut e consul t t o new cl ient s. For more inf o - www.t ransf ormingoursel Page 8- Oct ./ Nov., 2017