The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 7

In our fast paced societ y many of us of t en for get about t ak ing time to be quiet. We get caught up in our busy lives, trying to meet deadlines and get tasks completed. Our electronic devices and social media further distract us as we find less time to find peace within ourselves. It is important to remember that silence and quiet time is a key to our personal well-being and overall health. It also gives us time to rest our minds and go within. This is where we can connect with the energy of the universe and with our spiritual side. By going within, being mindful and letting go of outside distractions, we connect with both our deeper self and inner wisdom. By doing so we begin to relax and open up a whole new world to explore. This surrendering is what I call 'sacred silence'. It changes and heals us in many ways. This time of silence connects us to a larger consciousness. It awakens yourself to love more than ego which is a key to our new consciousness. This new paradigm is what many call soul-based or heart-centered living. This small shift towards allowing yourself more quiet time can change your life in amazing ways. We should also look at and honor the space between words. It is said that much of our communication is the energy that we convey unseen or unheard. People sense and feel this energy as its vibrations are as strong as words. When we tap into our silence we become connected with spirit and the universal energy field. This elicits a higher vibration. It also helps align our conscious and subconscious minds. With this vibration and alignment you also begin to allow the law of attraction to do its work, you start manifesting that what you think and feel. Silence allows us to tap into that deeper awareness and consciousness that so many of us are seeking. Without time to be quiet our spiritual health will be out of balance. We need to take time to commune with sacred silence and spirit. Be still. Be silent. This is where the answers flow from your inner voice, from spirit, and from the universe. St eps t o t ake t o hel p wit h Sil ence: 1. Take t ime each day t o medit at e and be quiet - Morning is a great time. 5-15 minutes is all you need before you start your day. The evening can also be an important time, before you go to bed or after work. Have a personal ritual, light a candle, burn some sage or put on meditative music. Have a special saying or prayer to get you focused, then surrender and go within...quieting the mind. 2. Breat he ? Take deep meaningful breathes throughout the day to slow down and silence the chatter in your mind. Breathe in, then out and repeat for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Let go of the current stress or schedule and just be present with your breath. 3. Creat e St il l ness & Space - Between your thoughts of everyday tasks and duties try to spend time creating silence. This can be in a longer mode such as meditation or it can be a quick 10 second breath and stillness. A simple mantra or prayer with a deep breath can be helpful to create this space. 4. List en and Al l ow ? When you take time for silence, even small moments of time, you are allowing yourself to listen to that deep inner voice. This is the voice of intuition and spirit. It is the voice of the universe. When you connect with this energy it makes your life more meaningful and conscious. Page 7 - Oct ./ Nov. 2017