The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 50

some way; there are things you don?t have and you want them. According to this teaching, you can manifest them, provided your energy is a match to receiving them. Sure, we want to be happy, heal inner wounds, as well as being emotionally healthier, but that is secondary to getting your ?stuff?, if we are truly honest with ourselves. It just is what it is! When we try to get happy not just for the sake of being happy, but just as a means to get what we want, we are setting ourselves up for a lot of frustration, and a road that will be much bumpier than need be. This mode of operation will keep us stuck in ?living Outside In,? only feeling better when something happens that our mind thinks justifies the emotion. It?s fine to want stuff, no reason not to have it. All you need to do is your best to make the positive emotion the goal because that is what you really want anyway. And like I said before, the most awesome thing is, the stuff will still come. I think you will agree that this way is a lot easier. Forget t ing It is About ?Being? - Not ?Doing? The word ?manifesting? is a verb and that can lead us a bit astray because it makes it seem like manifesting is something we ?do.? We think there is a ?right? or ?wrong? way to do it, and if things aren?t changing, we worry we are doing it ?wrong.? We use all our tools like affirmations and vision boards, thinking these things can make something happen, and when nothing happens, we go on the hunt for a new tool or technique hoping that one will ?work.? They have no power in and of themselves. They help shift energy, and if that isn?t changing, no amount of ?doing? will override that. We must be honest with assessing how much our inner world is transforming because it is about what we are ?being.? If you have been struggling with manifesting, take a moment to think if any of these issues might be the culprit. Kel l i Cooper is a Coach who specializes in the Law of attraction. She believes there are a lot of misconceptions about this Universal law that prevent people from realizing their true creative potential, and she hopes her insights help people gain a better understanding of what this teaching really is. Check out her website for blog posts, podcasts, products and information about her private coaching services at https:/ / www.LiveLifeMad blog Page 50 - Oct ./ Nov, 2017