The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 49

Trying t o Go Too Far Too Fast Most of us are drawn to this teaching in particular because we feel some lack in our life; we are unhappy in some way. In some cases, we may be coming from a really bad space such as deep depression, emotional scarring, severe anxiety, traumatic experiences, etc. But then we learn about the LOA, and we feel a resonance; we feel we have stumbled upon a fundamental truth about reality, a truth that feels really good. And we go about trying to be ?happy? so we can get what we want. We try to get to a space energetically that may be really far from where we are now. It?s quite a leap from barely being able to get out of bed every day to feeling infused with joy every waking moment for no reason at all. It?s a stretch to go from thinking the world is against you, and feeling victimized at every turn, to believing you are a powerful creator immune from the whims, behaviors and actions of anyone else. Intellectually you may think there is some truth to these empowering beliefs, but lacking experience in your own life, they may not become truly your own right away and that?s okay. For example, maybe right now you don?t believe anything is possible, but you are willing to concede that maybe your limiting beliefs aren?t any sort of ?fact? and are open to exploring new perspectives. Maybe you don?t quite believe your dream job is out but you are willing to concede that just because you haven?t found it through the limited number of channels you have pursued, or that your mind can?t conceive of where it might exist, doesn?t mean it doesn?t exist. Honor where you are now, and just go from there. The shifts may be smaller, but they will be genuine, and those genuine shifts will activate all sorts of possibilities, and you will start seeing changes. And as you gather that ?evidence? maybe there is something to this teaching, it gets easier to keep releasing what isn?t serving you, and truly buying into what will. It?ll be easier to stay in a higher vibration regardless of the state of your current reality because you?re no longer taking this all on ?theory.? You have actual experience in your own life to validate it. Worrying, Feel ing Bet t er Now, Wil l Cancel Your ?Order? This is an issue that shows how nutty our mind is, how its mode of operating can really mess with our manifesting. The process of manifesting is neutral--the Universe responds to what we?re putting out there energetically, wanted or unwanted. It doesn?t respond to your ?wanting.? It doesn?t respond to your unhappiness with your current circumstances. It doesn?t respond to the frustration you feel in the absence of the specific things you want. It doesn?t respond to the energies of ?lack? and ?scarcity? It doesn?t respond to the fear of what may happen if X, Y or Z doesn?t show up. Trust me when I say there is no downside to detaching from your desires, or to feeling better now. If the energies are dominant that lend themselves to money, love, better health or whatever else it is you have in your sights, these things must show up. They have no choice. The Universe knows what we humans want, and there is no reason for them not to be brought into our environment. Using Posit ive Emot ion as a Means t o an End - Rat her Than t he Means t o a Goal There?s a good chance you were drawn to the LOA in particular because you were unhappy with your life in Page 49 - Oct ./ Nov., 2017