The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 48

5 Ways You May be Muck ing Up Your Manifest ing By LOA Coach Kelli Cooper The Law of Attraction is a pretty simple concept, but like many things in life, there can be quite the difference between theory and ?practice?, the former not taking into account the ?real world? conditions in which we might find ourselves. If we didn?t have negative emotions, limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, self-sabotaging tendencies, then it really would boil down to ?ask and it is given.? But we do and we need to do a bit of work on ourselves. If you?ve been feeling frustrated with the process of conscious creation, you may be falling victim to at least one of these common issues. Not Deal ing Wit h Your Negat ive Emot ion If our energy creates your experience, making meaningful changes in our emotional state is a non-negotiable, and we do have to work on being more ?positive,? and shifting perspective. And with this knowledge, you quickly come to see your ?negative? emotion as the enemy, as this huge barrier to your better life. And from the start, there is immense pressure to get rid of it, to always be happy. After all, that is what we need to do to get our stuff. But our ?positivity? can?t come at the expense of denying how we?re feeling now, how we may have been feeling for a very long time. This is what we tend to do and then wonder w