The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 46

The best approach to personal development is understanding that we are already personally developed. Evolution is natural. It doesn?t require our figuring things out, it just happens. In fact a constant focus on what is evolving, but hasn?t happened yet, leaves us in a state of dissatisfaction. And our evolution is slow to come. You have to feel whole, complete and fulfilled in order to move into more of that state. The other approach of this endless "manifesting what you want," just creates the feeling of longing and it brings more of the same, more neediness. It doesn?t work. Just as thinking about dessert through the main meal causes you to miss out on the enjoyment of the main meal, when we get too fixated on tomorrow we miss our today. We miss our now moment and even our lives, all for the sake of manifesting a better life. What if our lives are good enough as is? When I look back I realize how much of my life I spent wanting to be somewhere else or to have qualities I saw in others that I didn?t felt I had. When I look back, (and this is perhaps one of the greatest ironies of life) I realized I was already what I wanted to be. I was already enough. It was my fixation of wanting to be elsewhere or someone other than who I am that caused me to trash the moment. The solution to what I?m saying is to begin making peace with your now; to begin appreciating the life you have. When you begin to look for the good in your life, it?s amazing how quickly you realize that you are a lot closer to your dreams than you think. They?re just a perception-shift away. Michael James is an author, lecturer and teacher who has pioneered new ways of personal development, and helps people from all walks of life connect with their own inner truth and live their best life. Teaching through workshops, seminars and one-to-one sessions, he has developed a tried-and-tested method which inspires others to fully enjoy and heal their lives. Michael has studied many different approaches and his background training includes Integrative Counselling (Cognitive-Behavioural, Psychoanalytical and Humanistic). He writes articles which have been featured in leading publications (including The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha and Elephant Journal) and he regularly facilitates events across the country, invited by organisations as diverse as the Yes! Group, Brixton Prison, London?s iconic Mind Body Spirit Festival and The Healing Trust. Michael continues to research new paradigms in personal development, stress management and mind-body-spirit medicine. For more information About Michael, please visit or visit him at Page 46 - Oct ./ Nov, 2017