The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 44

How t he Law of At t r act ion Really Wor k s Spiritual principles are absolutely real and it is totally possible to transform your life. I have transformed mine and have seen many others transform theirs. What some people call the ?Law of Attraction? is really not that complicated, when you know what to do. Three easy st eps t o success? Every day a new bumper sticker pops up on the Facebook newsfeed about how to be happy and how to live your best life. It?s normally in three steps, or thereabouts and the steps usually go something like this: Be positive, Love yourself, Forgive everyone, Let go, Don?t worry, Believe in yourself, Be present? The list goes on. These messages may be well intended but the words themselves don?t help all that much. Much like an Olympic Athlete posting that his secret is to "Just run", these messages often state the obvious. Words without actions are useless. Worse still, this kind of spiritual perfectionism can make people stress out even more, wondering what is wrong with their mind, which can?t seem to grasp with actually living these simple steps. It?s the same with so many of the self-help books out there. What I?ve found, through working with hundreds of clients and also doing my own inner work, is that when we are in a storm of thoughts, books telling us to "get happy" are totally useless. And when we are happy, we don?t need the book. "Posit ive Thinking" Pressure By Michael James, Per sonal Development Aut hor Some books or philosophies go even further - telling us that negative thinking is bad or wrong. Although I understand their point, this approach doesn?t help. In many ways it is the worst thing you can tell someone when they are experiencing troubles - because it gets people to "try not to think negative thoughts" which makes them think even more negative thoughts, because what you resist, persists. The Benef it s of Negat ive Thinking? Relax. It?s perfectly ok to feel negative, or angry, or vengeful, or sad, or lonely or whatever else the "negative" emotion is. This is the journey of being human, even those heroes or masters you may look up to have experienced or will experience these feelings. The first step is to realize that. Nothing has gone wrong and you are ok just as you are. Page 44- Oct ./ Nov, 2017