The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 40

Love D o You Real ly U n d er stan d th e M ean i n g? B y M ar t i n N ei l C am p b el l I have indicated that to be your sovereign self, Divine Love is the foundation that holds up your entire energetic house. Further, love is the center of who we are. Love embraces all that self sovereignty is and should we so desire; love can produce abundance, joy and health. Nevertheless, I have noticed not many people ask or answer the question "what is love?" A challenging question to answer. I find it curious that we talk about love and explain its importance but few individuals can articulate what love is. Yet, it doesn't take us but an instant to express whether someone's actions were loving or not. This discernment is an inherent part of who we are and it comes from our heart. I suspect love is difficult to describe because it creates a transformation in our state of being. Our energies, outlook, level of joy, awareness, health and behaviors are altered into a higher state. Explaining hundreds of shifts with respect to who we are and who we are being, is not a simple task. Nonetheless, I do wish to explore what moving to unconditional love means. We have created thousands of songs, poems and books dedicated to love, but have you ever examined what has been created? Here are a few simple one line examples of what people have sung or written to others about their love: * I am empty without you. * All I need is your smile. * I am lost without you. * I melt inside when you look at me. We perceive what is being imparted in each of these lines because we recognize the feelings created. We know how we feel; we just have a challenging time turning it into words. If I told you "I love you", how would you feel? Bland isn't it? It is devoid of feeling. It takes our emotions, eyes, gestures and character of voice to convey our love for another. It is our feelings, actions and the way we express love in combination that will be felt by another. Face to face, there are hundreds of subtle indicators, integrating your energy, sincerity, poise, outward expressions, eyes, gestures and voice. Page 40 - Oct ./ Nov., 2017