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t ime I came back out side it was gone. Long st ory short , are t hese beaut if ul animal s being sent t o me f rom spirit wit h a specif ic message? Since t hey aut omat ical l y upl if t my mood I was wondering if t here was a specif ic message t hat t hey were t rying t o convey t o me. I have a hard t ime l ist ening t o answers f rom spirit when asking a quest ion because I answer my own quest ion wit h what I want t o hear bef ore t he quest ion comes out . Any hel p you can give me is great l y appreciat ed. Hi Ali, Thanks for your kind words about my show. Hearing from you and other listeners makes the effort so worthwhile. Al i f rom Lakel and, FL, asked: Hi Jul ie, St il l l ist ening t o your show every week and l oving al l t he st ories and insight s you share wit h your l ist eners. I al ways t hink of cal l ing in but due t o t he t ime dif f erence, it is easier f or me t o submit a quest ion onl ine. Recent l y you had a show about but t erf l ies and it got me t hinking. I have al ways l oved but t erf l ies f or t heir magnif icence and beaut y but have real l y f el t connect ed t o t hem. In t he l ast f ew mont hs however, I?ve had l ot s of but t erf l ies around me. It st art ed wit h smal l but t erf l ies here and t here but has recent l y t urned int o a variet y I never knew exist ed. The ot her day I was f eel ing burned out when I came home f rom work but as soon as I got out of my car, I not iced a huge yel l ow and bl ack t iger swal l owt ail gent l y pol l inat ing f l owers in my garden. It compl et el y shif t ed my mood and made me so happy f or t he beaut if ul gif t f rom spirit . Al so, t his morning I wal ked out side and not iced a zebra swal l owt ail on t he ground unabl e t o f l y. It s wings l ooked f ine and when I sl ight l y t ouched it , it st art ed wal king around so I assumed t he l egs were al so okay. I t ried t al king t o it and just said I hope you're okay l it t l e guy and went on t o do some yoga out side. When I was done I passed by and saw it was st il l t here so I said a l it t l e prayer f or it . I went inside and did some research t o see if t here was anyt hing el se I coul d do and f ound t hat giving t hem some sugar wat er can hel p give t hem st rengt h so I got some ready but by t he Now, regarding your butterflies ? what a wonderful vision I have imagining you standing in your garden surrounded by all of those gorgeous little creatures. I think they look like mini stained glass windows flying around. When I connected with you I saw what looked like a scene from the animated version of Disney?s Snow White. In the movie, Snow White is portrayed so sweetly that all the forest animals are attracted to her. This also pertains to you and why fragile butterflies feel safe in your presence and gather around you. Each of us emits an energetic frequency that is matched with like things vibrating at the same rate. It?s much like how a satellite dish can both send and receive. Electromagnetic (radio) waves are transmitted to and from a satellite in geostationary orbit in outer space allowing us to access all kinds of information (weather, television, military, etc.). All these fancy technical terms mean you?re emitting such a serene, friendly, interested-in-others energy, that it?s attracting butterflies (and perhaps other animals) too. You?re like a female St. Francis! When you felt burned out the other day and saw the butterfly in your garden, you switched your low frequency vibration (exhaustion) to the high frequency vibration of the butterfly and Page 38- Oct ./ Nov, 2017