The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 35

into this time-space reality, you each came here as co-creators. The purpose is to expand, grow, and mature as you discover your talents, gifts, and abilities. This is what you humans into your distinct self, giving you cause to experience joy. In other words you came into this this world to thrive and not just survive. We are here to not only expand ourselves but the ever-expanding Universe, as well! But how do we humans expand the Universe? Well, Sophia has stated that as we expand and create, we are not only participating in the expansion, we are connected and interconnected with the Universe at large. Life on planet Earth reflects and participates on one level or another with what is going on everywhere at all times. In other words, all time exists in this very second? the past, the present and the future. We are experiencing everything at the same time. There is no separation between the past, present or future. To take it a step further, Sophia indicates that there is no separation energetically between humans or non-physical entities. The only separation that exists is within us. We are the ones that don?t hear the messages that can easily and lovingly guide us, as Sophia guides me. Are there are other time-space realities and things going on that we don?t see or know about? Sophia is emphatic in telling us that Yes, a ][K]H[]\H\]\ۈX[H][]\H\X[[ۋ\\X[ X]\[[\H\H[^\^[[[ܛ[[\]X[H\[\œ\X[KHX\\HܙX]YX[ۈوۛH[\H]\X\H[[[ۜ\[ \H\HX[B[YK\XHX[]Y\\[[[]ۘH\Hۋ\\X[[\Y\[\X H[\Hو\[[ܛ[X[]Y\\]H]\[\[۞K[\Y \H\H\H\ܛZH\[H[]\OȈXB\ۙ]Y\\H\HX[H[YK\XHX[]Y\]\H[\]X[B\[[[\[[[]\H[[[]\[]]H\H\[B][[\\HX\ۈHX[H[^\Y[H[YK]][[[][^\Y[HY\[[\Y\ۈX[H][ˈ]YHX^H][[\ [YH^\Y[\\H[\H\[[^\Y[\\[[[H[H\ X\HX[^H]\H\[YH܈XH\X[ۜ[\\܈]\K]\][\\[[˂H\H[^\Y[[H[\H[X[Hܛ\]\]H\X[܂ۋ\\X[ \\H\HX\ۈH]\[ۙH[][X\[H[Z\Y[X[\[H[\X[H[Z\ۈ\X[[]\K[[ۙH]\\\XYH]\H[^\Y[H[YK]][[][]وH^\Y[K[\ˈ[[H]H\XYHX][ۘ[H[Yۈ]HYHܘH[\Y\[\\[[]X[]Y\˂XH۝[Y\^]H\][X^[[\\H۝[Y\\]\[YK]][\H[YH\[] HًXH^\Y[KH]Y]H]H[H][K]\Hو[\]]Hܛ]\HX[Y][[]K[\[]\Hو[\KH\HX[\[]HB]X[[H[\Y\وH[\H[]\KY\XXۙHو\[X[[\HH\H[[YK]][\\[\XH][\]]HBX[]H[\[H]X[[HY[وH[\H[]\KH[\BY[\H[[\ۛXY[X\XHYۙH\\[\BY[ˈYHX^H^\Y[H]وH^\Y[\[H^\Y[[\H]X[[H[\HY[\[ [HX^H][[][YK]][YۙB^\Y[\\ []\܈]\Hو[[]K[H]Y\[ۈ\\\[\H]]^\[\]]B[YK\XHX[]Y\XH[\] \[ܙ[[ [H]H]]HH\]Y[Hو]\Y^HYH[HXH\H[B[]ZY]]\وHZ[ [ܙ\] ]\X[Y[Y][Hܚ]H][\X[ۜو[]X^H[[\XY [[\Hܙ][H܈H[ \[[[H[ݙH[HYY]]]H[H]H]]X\قY[[[\\[ۜˈ]\\H][H][\[[[ۜ܈Z]\[YK]][[܈[]وH^\Y[KX\وH[ۛۈX^H\ X[[[H[X\H[H[܈[\[[H\\Xۜ[\œ]Hو^\[K[H۝[YH\ۈ[\[[[ۈ\[H]و[\\[ ][YK\XHX[]H\B[X[Z[ˈ[H[\H[H[\Y\ZH[H]^\Y[\ˈ\[H[^ [H[]و[B^X][ۜ][HX^HX\[Z[[X[YH KH ݋ M