The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 30

THEO: No, but he is a scientist, inventor and visionary. So, he works with machines. However, a robot does not have a soul. Human beings have a soul. They are much larger than their physical existence. A robot is finite to the earthly plane. Jewel s: So, the reality is that robots can actually help soften our physical existence and they shouldn't be feared because they don't have a soul? Thank you very much for confirming that. Is there anything else that you can share about the future? The ceasing of wars that kill our children and dislocate the masses? THEO: Understand this, one cannot judge another's path for you do not know what the intention of learning is for each soul. When you recognize this, and honor each other in that way, that is when change will happen. Honoring the unique individuality of each and the similarities as well. Marcus: When we find ourselves judging other?s experiences, how can we transform those judgments into loving feelings? THEO: You don't have to like the personality or what they're doing. Connect to the positive energy of the soul. When that is done the change can come from an internal aspect where all beings are seeking love and recognizing that they are deserving of it. It is the change you will see in your world, and to manifesting the outcomes you desire. Jewel s: That is powerful. Is there anything else that you would like to tell us? THEO: There has been given much for thought presently. It is not our way to overwhelm, only to enlighten you. We are complete for this moment if there is no further questioning? Jewel s: It's been wonderful. Thank you so much. THEO: God's love to unto you. Good day. Sheila and Marcus invite you to visit where there are two free two free gifts there for you. One is a guided meditation with THEO called Raising Your Vibrational Frequency and also an audio program called "The Big Questions" THEO answers 44 of life's greatest questions and spiritual mysteries. Throughout, you'll see a calendar for live events including the highly anticipated The Art of Relationship: A Weekend Retreat with THEO November 10-12, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA, there are also many mentoring programs as well as a monthly membership group in which you get access to free monthly webinars and hundreds of hours audios/videos and savings and all kinds of goodies. Understand this, there is enough for everybody on this planet and beyond. I t is those feelings about self that limit. -- THEO Page 30 - Oct ./ Nov, 2017