The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 26

THEO: This is a time that humans have never experienced. The third dimension is your physical reality, the 4th (dimension) has been a spiritual awakening and the 5th is a full realization of mastery. The veils between the dimensional experiences are very thin and that you can be aligned and all knowing, connected to the guidance around you continuously and with a greater awareness of who you are. Marcus: What does it mean that we're living in the 5th dimension and how can we can we live our lives in an optimal way with this energy? THEO: Recognizing that you are creator of your life, that you are the one that is the Creator by the decisions that are made, and aligning with the quantum field to bring it forth in life. Knowing that you are capable of connecting with those parts of self that feel limited. Changing limiting beliefs you can expand you, not from an ego centric point of view, or being conceited or narcissistic, but from a soul centered point of view. This is a time of full recognition of the unique being that you are. The magnificence of each soul unencumbered from the old ways of being, new ways of being, are emerging now, a new awareness that has not been available up until now. Humans could not have aligned with it, vibrationally speaking, up to now, and it is time for this expansion of awareness. Marcus: I?ve heard you say many times that "Life is an inside out job". THEO: What that means is that you connect on a soul level to all that you are, as we speak of that essence of self being divine, connecting to that with unconditional love. Loving the self then, and as has been stated in the past, is loving others as yourself. It is true if there is a wound in us, that is what is projected out onto others. If there is love, that is what will be projected out instead. Yes? Jewel s: Wow, I love that. So, what we truly are witnessing right now is an incredible history that will be revealed for centuries to come. THEO: Yes. And understand this, there is no name for what some speak of as the new age. Not really. It is a new time, it?s an evolution of consciousness and a new way of thinking and experiencing the human experience. And it is that time of mastery, recognizing that it is you that can be the master of life situations and circumstances and creation, for you are the creator. You are connected to Source creation, whatever you wish to speak of it as, and you can now believe that you are that, no longer believing that "I cannot be that. I am not worthy of that?. You are worthy. This is every person's birthright right to recognize their mastery. Marcus: How will this history be written about this time? THEO: If you look at what has happened in the last hundred years on your planet, all the technology, all of the travel, all of the things that are commonplace that are now taken for granted it is astonishing, is it not? This is all transpiring very quickly in this 5th dimensional energy, you see. And it will continue to expand as communication with each other expands. The ability to be educated globally through technology. You are seeing the effects of that but it will become much more refined than it is now. And when you see each other as the human species on this planet, you're are one species. It matters not what color of the skin or what celebration of God one prefers. You are one species surviving on this planet and coming together with all your unique gifts, each and every one of you to share - this will bring this planet and the experience of it, to a higher state of being. Jewel s: How did we even get to the point where we don't recognize other people as a species but so different. How did that even start? THEO: It started in the third dimensional reality and through Page 26 - Oct ./ Nov, 2017