The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 23

The relationship you establish with your body determines the expression of all energy emitting into the universe. How can you expect results from a practice that t ot al l y relies on the positive energy you emit for it to work, especially if you are unaware of a vital part of that expression, your physical self? Yes, we often take our bodies for granted when all parts are functioning normally. She gets us up in the morning, provides the energy to get us to work and play, and allows us to do the ?heavy lifting? physically and emotionally in our daily lives. When we notice we?re tired from the daytime activities, she puts us to bed at night. Th in k y o u k n o w H OW y o u f eel a b o u t y o u r body ? Ta k e Bo d y Aw e's Qu iz t o ge t revea ling in f o r m a t io n : CLICK H ERE Let?s not overlook; she provides us the focus to practice the tools and techniques of Law of Attraction in order for the process to actually work to benefit us. Some would say, our bodies provide us the commitment to our intentions. If we communicated with her effectively, we would understand the patience it takes to achieve those intentions. In many ways, it is our bodies who determine the success of those goals. So how can we expect success in our practice of the Law of Attraction without an intimate knowledge of our bodies? We need to know her wants, needs, desires, and most of all her knowledge about achieving what?s best for both of us. It?s not as hard as it seems, in fact, it?s easy and should be the first step in anyone?s practice of the Law of Attraction in order to maximize, and yes, speed up the positive results of your process! The Hare may have assumed he would cross the goal line first, but remember who won the race? When you approach your practice of the Law of Attraction, take the track of the tortoise. The winner is the one who knows all about himself, inside the shell as well as outside. Together, they win every race and continue to compete successfully in all of life?s contests! Take t he Body Conf idence Quiz t o see how you really f eel about your body. ht t p:/ / body-conf idence-check-in Contact Coach Stephanie Wood at and listen to her radio show, Body Confidence LOA Style at www.LOAradioNet body-conf idence. Take the Body Conf idence Survey to see how you really feel about your body. Take the Quiz at: http:/ / body-confidence-check-in Page 23 - Oct ./ Nov, 2017