The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October Magazine, 2017 - Page 12

and give them a more peripheral, i.e., a bigger view of what life can be. Changing one?s perception of their life is a daunting task but this change always led to big ?ah-ha? moments, or what Wayne Dyer used to call a satori or instant awakening. Every human knows a higher level of truth instinctively. When a truth is presented, all of a sudden clarity sets in and a new way of thinking or remembering occurs. This is life changing and thrilling! Just image the possibility of someone taking you by the hand to re-introduce you to yourself from a higher perspective. Here are some of t he benef it s of t aking of f t hose proverbial bl inders: - Understanding who you really are as a spiritual being having a human experience. - Accepting the precise eight Universal Laws that work in harmony with the Law of Attraction to manifest desires. Acknowledging the mental roadblocks and how to work through with them easily. Discovering the Law of Attraction is easy to grasp when you understand the amazing process for co-creation. Realizing that there are more than just one universal law that can help you bring about great results. - - - Life is all about being aware of the Quantum Physics or the laws of probabilities. That word alone is enough to scare the most center person into oblivion. Truthfully, these scientific concepts reveal a new beginning and lifestyle that inspire and empower the individual to keep those blinders off and to start living the life you were meant to live. Welcome to the world of awakening? you are ready to begin living the life you have always wanted! Perhaps my book or I can help you achieve the clarity that you are looking for. Speaker and Life Coach Ronald Rozzi, Ms.D., RHy., holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics and is certified in both past life regression and hypnotherapy. He is also a practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy). He specializes in anxiety disorders as well as behavioral modification. Recently, Dr. Rozzi started Awareness Self-Empowerment Seminars relative to his popular book, Genesis 101, t he Met aphysical Cosmol ogy in t he Process of Creat ion. This book has al l t he st eps and precise det ail s on HOW t o REMOVE t he BLINDERS t o f ul l y engage t he Universal s l aws known quit e ext ensivel y in Met aphysics. Page 12- Oct ./ Nov. 2017