The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 8

focus on calling in our highest soul connection, we can more easily ?let go? and allow space for the universe to coordinate the details. By calling in your highest soul connection you are likely to connect with a nuanced individual who possesses an array of qualities that you love and admire, including many qualities that you had never thought of yourself. In contrast, after using a manifestation list, you may find yourself in a relationship with a partner who possesses every criteria you specified, but who lacks some unwritten soulful quality that you did not realize you preferred. It is al so hel pf ul t o not e t hat if you put your f ocus on manif est ing a person, you are l ikel y t o f ind yoursel f in a human rel at ionship t hat is based on desires of t he body and mind. In cont rast , if you f ocus on manif est ing your highest soul connect ion, you are l ikel y t o end up in a soul union t hat ref l ect s your t ruest essence. Beyond all of this, there is one other reason I believe that we should all be calling in our highest soul connection...the planet needs this frequency of love. Somewhere along the way we ? as a society ? lost our belief in true love. We think of love stories as something reserved for the pages of a best-selling novel or the pixels of the silver screen. We have separated ourselves from the experience of true love. We tell ourselves that true love is something that is only possible ?out there,? while forgetting that finding love outside of ourselves is wholly impossible. By placing true love on an unattainable pedestal, we forget that we are made of true love... we forget that divine love is the only real thing about us. The world needs more soul unions. We need more soul mates and twin flames who stand up and proudly claim their soul connection. We need soul partners who enthusiastically revel in the profound love they share. And, perhaps most importantly, we need divine partners who actively demonstrate how to love from the soul. It is not selfish to call in your soul?s highest partner, but perhaps it is selfish not to. By calling in your highest soul connection, you are making a commitment to love from the deepest place within you and to realize true love while you are in this reality. When you think of it this way, reuniting with your highest soul connection is less of a privilege and more of a mission....I like to think that is is one of the most important missions that any of us can have. Websit e Link: www.choosef ait hnot f Maya is a psychic and int uit ive rel at ionship coach who hel ps cl ient s re-ignit e t heir passion f or divine l ove and re-unit e wit h t heir divine part ner. Maya and her twin flame Christopher have been sharing their video journey since the week they met. Visit their YouTube Channel to see more exciting videos. Page 8 - Oct ober, 2015