The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 50

Law of At t ract i on Li fest yl e Desi gn How t o End Frust rat ion and Tap int o Knowing You Get Your Happil y Ever Af t er By LOA Coach, Cassie Parks Do you feel like you know for certain that you are going to get your happy ending? Everything you truly desire? What if you did know that? What if the picture of you living your dream life was so crystal clear that you knew it was going to come true? If you could see it, almost taste the details do you think you would be manifest it quicker and easier? That is what happens when you use the LOA Lifestyle Design process. By following the process you create that vivid picture in your mind of you sipping coffee watching the waves roll in, listening to the seagulls and loving every second of the day you are about to live. LOA Lifestyle Design works because it introduces you to your future self, which allows that future self to start leading the way to your dream life. Below is the step by step LOA Lifestyle Design Process: First, take out a blank piece of paper and write down everything you desire. Treat it like a brainstorming session and just let your soul speak. Write down everything you come up with. Next, think about if you were living that life on the paper, how would you categorize everything into three dream days? Look over your list and highlight or circle everything that fits together in each day. These are your dream days. Now that you have them categorized, you want to script them out with as much juicy detail as you can. Take out your computer an aim for 2000 words juicy. Basically you are scripting out your three dream days. Scripting is a LOA technique used by many people. I have found it to be the most effective when you write it in Page 50 - Oct ober, 2015