The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 43

5) You det ermine what is posit ive or negat ive; t he universe is neut ral . You bring judgment to something and how you see it determines whether it is positive or negative. 6) You creat e t hrough your t hought s, words, and act ions. Chose t hem caref ul l y. Thoughts you continue to think are called beliefs. You have many beneficial beliefs and these help you create the life you desire. You have some limiting beliefs and these hold you apart from what you want. Since you can choose your thoughts, you can also choose your beliefs. 7) The basis of l if e is wel l -being. Everything you want is coming to you as long as you allow it. 8) You came f ort h int o t his physical real it y wit h a set of int ent ions. Most of those intentions were general in nature, such as the desire to feel joy, love, freedom, happiness, fun, abundance, and to expand through contrast. One or more intentions were more specific. These contain the essence of what you are here to explore in this lifetime. These are your interests and passions in life. your attention. If you focus on what is wanted, it will come. If you focus on what is not wanted, it too will come. If you appreciate the abundance in your life, you will experience more abundance in your reality. If you focus on the lack of abundance, you will attract more lack. Those are the cheat codes to physical existence. These are the keys to creating the life you desire, but like anything, there?s a bit more to it than that. You must learn to operate from the approach to life that incorporates these cheat codes. This is very different from how you have been approaching life up to this point. Practice implementing these codes and you?ll radically improve your experience of life. This is how you will master physical reality. Follow your interests to discover your passions and you will live a life of bliss. 9) Fear is what hol ds you apart f rom al l t hat you want . Realize that much of what you fear is irrational and learn to analyze your fears. Do not simply accept that there is something to be fearful of. 10) You have a guidance syst em t hat al ert s you t o t hose occasions when you are moving t oward what you want or away f rom what you want . When you encounter positive emotion, you are heading in the right direction. When you feel any negative emotion, you are uncovering a fear and the limiting belief behind it. Stop and analyze what you are afraid of and realize it is irrational and has no affect on your life. Dismiss the irrational fear and move on. 11) You have an inner sel f who can see your l if e b&