The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 40

Th e Wi sdom of Grandmoth er Pa'Ri s'Ha NOW i s True Noth i ngness As we do the summer season of Ceremony and holding of Ancient pathways, the focus is Nunda / Sun. Our Old Ones remind us again of the true meaning of it all; living in the state of the Sabbath, meaning be of the ability to hold focus and maintain the present now, state of pure coherence. Our whole life is living in ceremony, doing, being and living as Spirit in form. Thus, we have a ceremony for all of life and live it. All is Great Spirit. All is given Respect. In the principle of Everlasting and in the Spirit, we are always in the Now. All Mind Is Energy, Space and Time, and is illusion. NOW is true Nothingness. In the Now we are 100% perfect and of the ONE, that is in all things. When in MIND, we are in thought. In this body-mind, we have become the distractions of time, things, places, people, and events. In the body/ altar, we are God experiencing form, in the field of duality, opposites. Positive and negative. ALL "is" and it is perfect. God state of presence. NOW. Just be NOW. No body, no thoughts, just Be and present, Now; ceremony is entering the state of nothingness. Preparation for ceremony is a purification process, clearing body toxins and clearing cells/ body of emotional chemistry and these effects, empowering the Page 40 - Oct ober, 2015 We call this Life: The Will to BE. And Be-cause of God, we each are individual and chosen / commanded into Life. We, in this experience, have created the imperfections, the challenges, the right and the wrongs, the good and the bads. In moments of deep presence and mindfulness,