The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 34

divine balance. So then according to the first principle, in this universe, every one of our human thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all individual forms of universal energy. That being the case, then according to the second principle, when our bodies put these energies out on one level in this incarnation---the physical level, they are forced to continue on in that divine circular pattern and come back to us through the spirit of our soul on the next level---the spiritual one. They have to, every one of them, good, bad or fattening. Not because, as most of us were taught to believe, the wrath of God is punishing us, but because (and think about this for a minute) as universal law would have it, the divine order of the cosmos is just balancing itself. What goes around must come around. Yes, it?s that simple, because in a multi-leveled universe of divine energy, it?s just science. Of course, in the beginning, when all universal levels were present and accounted for, our science was also that spiritual which is exactly why our ancient astronomers were among the first to get it. (It?s also exactly why most astrologers, like myself, won?t analyze a birth chart without implementing it). Human actions have spiritual consequences. If this sounds a lot like karma to you that?s only because, as I explain in my book Cosmic Karma, Understanding Your Contract with the Universe, that?s what the universal Law of Compensation is. Nothing more than the spiritual version of cause and effect. In fact, as far as I?m concerned, nothing less than the same principle practiced in just about every religion known to man. Good old fashioned accountably for the soul. So why is that? Why is such a proven scientific principle like ?cause and effect? such a fundamental part of most religious teachings? As interesting a question as that is, the really interesting question to me is, why not? I mean really, why isn?t the development of our soul considered a recognized field of scientific study? It is when it comes to any field that involves the development of our minds or bodies. So then, why not the soul? After all, if spirit is the highest intellectual dimension, as many believe it is, wouldn?t the wonderful world of science in general and the field of astronomy in particular be better off if this overlooked dimension were invited to the cosmic party? Wouldn?t it be a more interesting party? At the very least, wouldn?t it be a more stimulating one? I think so. But then, I?m someone whose life and belief system were as much transformed by the readings of the psychic, Edgar Cayce as they were by the writings of the astronomer, Carl Sagan. And while I have Sagan to thank for my life-long pa