The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 31

will attract money into your lives in various ways. Most people that like money say they wish they had more money, but deep in the subconscious mind, they are repelling opportunity to improve their situation. It will always be difficult to track money, if you are negative about it. You can?t attract something that deep in your heart you despise. If you want to attract money, you have to get rid of all the negative thoughts and attitudes towards money. Many of us have a poverty consciousness because of the negative verbal programming that we experienced when we were growing up. We constantly heard phrases like: committed and determined. 4) Rich peopl e t hink big. In life, we get what we think about so if we think small we could only get small if we learn to think big that's when we start to receive big and our lives. 5) Rich peopl e f ocus on opport unit ies and they see the opportunity in every obstacle. 6) Rich peopl e act in spit e of f ear. They also become afraid, but they don't allow the fear to paralyze them. Just as we were trained to have a poverty mindset, we always have the power to retrain ourselves. Once we do this, we open ourselves to all the abundance that we deserve and that the universe has waiting for us. - Money is the root of all evil - Save your money for rainy day - Rich people are greedy and are criminals - Money doesn't grow on trees - Money doesn't buy happiness - You can't be rich and spiritual - Not everyone can be rich - There's not enough for everyone to go around These are all the negative statements that we repeatedly heard over and over that helped to form our negative poverty mindset. Just because we may have a poverty consciousness right now doesn't mean that we are sentenced to a life of poverty thinking. Once we become aware of the problem, we can take steps to retrain our minds. The easiest way to do this is to model those that have an abundance mindset, so let's look at some of the ways that rich people think. Coach Mark shares the success tips, tricks, and techniques of the Millionaires and Billionaires of the last 100 years. These are the same tools that Coach mark used to build (2) successful businesses and retire before the age of 40. Listen to Coach Mark in his Power in Half Hour Radio Show on Law of Attraction Radio Network at coach-mark. You can stay in contact with coach mark on IG & Twitter - @coachmarkspeaks ? on facebook at therealmarkstarr ? . Download his new book for free at 1) Rich peopl e t hink I creat e my l if e. They realize that them and only them are in control of their lives. They take responsibility for their lives. 2) Rich peopl e pl ay t he money game t o win. They understand you have to aim for riches to become rich. 3) Rich peopl e are commit t ed t o being rich. Most average people would like to be rich but that's not enough to be rich. To be rich you have to be Page 31 - Oct ober, 2015