The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 16

what is the anecdote to disrupt and redefine all this? Love. Simple, isn't it? It is also scientific. We know our brain can only hold one us/ thought/ perspective at a time. Ergo, hate cannot live as a thought when love is living as a thought. Hate attracts hate. Love attracts love. To create a state of love in the world, you have to live the thought of love. Like attracts like... And multiplies... And creates more. Do you know that how a child sees himself in the world, his value, his relationship, his worth, is set into motion by the time he is eighteen months old? This is before the part of our brain that reasons is even developed. Most of us are trying to reason why we feel inferior and unloved, and why the word feels unsafe and hostile to us. But we have no reasoning to explain it, because the energetic feelings we picked up about our love and acceptance in the world are implanted before we could reason what they were or if they were the truth. A child?s brain is set by the time they are about four years old, and the rest of his life is built around that self-confidence, that self-image of himself with, or against, the world. It stands to reason, then, that to reason why we are challenged in feeling good about ourselves is fruitless. The Law of Attraction cannot bring the experience of self- worth while we are focused on why we do not feel worthy! It can only come forward for us when the focus is on what we want: the experience of unconditional love Page 16 - Oct ober, 2015 and acceptance of ourselves. Our beauty? Our amazing