The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 15

Bul l yi ng and th e Law of A ttracti on By Dee Wal l ace October is anti- bullying month. It's a sad thought that we have one. Period. Of course, part of the challenge is that we cannot NOT have one as long as we are fighting against it. We know from the Law of Attraction that what we focus on, persists. If you don't want war, you focus on peace. If you don't want sickness, you focus on health. If you don't want bullying, you focus on love. What creates the need to bully another? Fear is the first cause: "I fear I am not enough and do not create myself and my safety." If we are in fear of our own power, we fear others have power over us. The belief that 'we are not enough' creates the need to be powerful over others so we can have the illusion of being more powerful within. When we truly know that we are the power, love, joy and choice that creates ?Who I Am?, we are safe to let others create themselves without threatening our choice to be who we are, also. And what does it mean to know that ? I Am the power, love, joy and choice?? What does that look like? It means being conscious. Really conscious. It means mining the parts of you that are still out of harmony with the love of you. It means being conscious of thoughts that do not support yourself love: I can?t, I?m not smart enough, I?m too old, what if this doesn?t work, they won?t like me, I always fail, the world isn?t a friendly place, the world isn?t on my side, blah, blah, blah. It means being conscious of your perspectives about yourself, the world, and you in the world! Do you love the world, and does the world love and support you? Now, THAT?S a friendly world where the concept of bullying cannot thrive. Another component feeding the flames of anger and bullying is that we simply cannot let go of 1our victim story. Victims are angry because they are in grief of their past and angry that they believe they can do nothing about it. And thus, as the Law of Attraction is a law, they create that in perpetuity. The cycle and pattern keeps repeat1ing itself as a self created prophecy: "I tell my story of victim hood, I believe my story of victim hood, I live my story of victim hood, and the reality of victim hood keeps replaying in my life." Of course, the victims who are being bullied are also....victims. They are part of the scenario of bullying, because someone has to be bullied. So, in essence, there are the aggressors who are the bullies, and the victims who believe somewhere in their consciousness that they are bullied and that bullies do, indeed, exist. And the game continues. So Page 15 - Oct ober, 2015