The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 13

You f eel th at you l ack support? And t hat peopl e do not recognize you in your essence, f or your qual it ies, your val ues, f or who you are? Just a l it t l e quest ion t o f ind out what you can change in your home t o change your answer: What hangs or st ands as image or as symbol behind you where you work? - - When it is wat er - t here is no st rengt h - it l acks support . - - When it is f l owers - f l owers do not l ast l ong - it is short t erm support - - When t here is not hing, you wil l have zero support - - When it is a mount ain or cryst al s, you have st rong support in your l if e - - When it is an image represent ing Divine Energy l ike angel s, mast ers, saint s : it is st rong - - When it is images of your f amil y: your f amil y is support ing your l if e and your career - - When it is an image of your t eam: your t eam support s you - - What ever it is, it is a symbol ic represent at ion of your support in l if e and in your career. I t hink you get t he message? So change t oday your support in your l if e and you wil l immediat el y st art f eel ing st ronger and receive support of t he peopl e around you. Feng Shui Advice and Transf ormat ional Teachings, go t o Page 13 - Oct ober, 2015