The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 12

of Love and Light for nothing hinders them anymore. Now you can manifest the positive and permanent changes in your life that you have for so long desired to be your reality. The one thing I haven?t covered is what I call The Keystone to the entire structure and foundation of your very being ? Forgiveness ? but that is another story, another article, another book, but it is a key that should not be overlooked. As I am so fond of doing, referring to A Course In Miracles, ?But you are merely asked to see forgiveness as a natural reaction to distress that rests on error, and thus calls for help. Forgiveness is the only sane response. It keeps your rights from being sacrificed.? Finally, in understanding the prime importance of having your 3 Pillars as strong as possible, consider one of the main principles of Dr. Stephen Covey?s amazing best-selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and that is to begin with the end in mind. How do you want to be remembered at the end of your life? What do you want to have accomplished and succeeded at during this lifetime? Believe me, it won?t happen, at least not the way you really wanted it to be, unless you build a strong personal foundation based on The 3 Pillars. Karl Gruber is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach who focuses on helping people to remember and awaken to their inherent power they were born with. His Life coaching philosophy, his teaching, and speaking are based on a "whole"-istic approach based on the 3 Pillars of our being mental, physical & spiritual. A marathon runner and triathlete (In 1996-'97) Karl became the ninth man in the world to successfully run and complete 52 marathons in 52 weeks ? all of which he did for leukemia research and awareness). His personal motto is, "Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things!" My website: Page 12 - Oct ober, 2015 ?