The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine October, 2015 - Page 11

highest aspirations, dreams, and goals dwell ? in your mind and in your heart. However beautiful and desirable your dreams may seem, those life-long lessons of lack and attack, of having it beat into your gray matter that you?re not worthy, and the world-wide acceptance of negativity as ?reality?, have created a big crack in your mental pillar. Any architect will tell you that even though two of your pillars may be strong, anything that undermines the strength of that third pillar to support the house means that eventually the structure will collapse. The paradigms of lack, attack and judgment that have been instilled in your mental pillar are not only negative, but brutally energy draining and counter-productive to allowing the Law of Attraction to do its work in your life, in your dreams. The answer here is to literally do a 180 degree turnabout, and turn on the light, love, enthusiasm, faith and trust that your Divine Source will deliver to you that witch you desire with all your heart and being. This new, rock-solid mental pillar of yours will now allow you to be a beautiful co-creator with the Universe. to the fact that the knowledge and understanding of medicine, nutrition, exercise, and personal hygiene are at an all time high. Yes, it is hard, especially if you have spent much of your life tearing down your body through poor eating and hygiene habits, self-medication, and lack of exercise. Building a strong physical pillar takes work, but oh, the long term benefits! Live with a shaky physical pillar, and once again a blockade is thrown up that stymies the work of the Universe and the Law of Attraction to manifest your ultimate dream life. Pil l ar # 3 ? Spirit ual : If one of those three pillars carries a heavier load, it is the Spiritual Pillar. How many people have we seen throughout history, especially high-profile people such as Pil l ar # 2 ? Physical : politicians and athletes (I chose them simply Much of what I write about building and having a because they are more visible than most), but they strong personal physical pillar is not new. As a have a huge crack in their spiritual pillar. The matter of fact, most of it is common sense, but yet spiritual pillar, of course, encompasses more than most of what it just what the world thinks as religion and morality. takes to have a It?s about walking the walk that you talk, and living, healthy, fit, and speaking and teaching with integrity. It is about well-functioning living, thinking and acting with a right-mindedness body is actually based on eternal Universal Truths and Laws. It is ignored and about being in harmony, alignment and resonance poo-poo?ed as with your true, Divine inner self. Yes, we all face being too hard to and live in a world filled with lack, attack, judgment, do, and stupid. guilt and feelings of unworthiness, but unless you While many may strengthen this very important spiritual pillar, and consider this life continuing to allow it to rest on the ever-shifting as nothing but an illusion and a dream, it remains sands of this fickle world, your ?house? ? your life that within this dream you are still in a body, so why will come crashing down eventually. The 3 Pillars not allow that body to be able to handle the rigors Mental, Physical and Spiritual are the key to of life? It is generally accepted that a fit and creating the life you truly desire, and paving the healthy body correlates to a better quality life and way for the Universe and the Law of Attraction to longer, happier life span. The fact that obesity, high do the work of creating for you. Now there are no blood pressure, and diabetes are now a virtual blockades. Now your very being, your very essence plague throughout much of the globe runs counter are in harmony with those eternal Universal Truths Page 11 - Oct ober, 2015