The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 8

success, progress, joy and abundance. rich new idea shows up as you sit and breathe? Pick up the pen and allow whatever message shows up to come through you onto the page. If a thought feels really ?sticky,? write it down and then go back to meditating on your big idea. Take 30-60 minutes for this. Don?t judge whatever it is. The memories that come up out of the blue, do so for a reason. The utterly random, out-there ideas are hints to your unique process. And, yes, you might have only meaningless scribbles at first. Keep going. Get up, toss a Frisbee, do a little dance, go about your day. This evening or later tonight do it again. AND FINALLY, STEP SEVEN! Free writing is another way of allowing your logical mind to get out of the way and let your unconscious speak. You?ll be surprised by the wisdom living in you! This has been called ?automatic writing,? or channeled information. Whatever you call it, it?s powerful. Write until you know you?re done or, set a timer. Don?t give up too soon! When you feel complete, write for another fifteen minutes before you stop. (45-60 minutes.) STEP FIVE: Sl eep on it . Put everything you?ve worked on today down at your bedside. Before you go to sleep, re-read all of it. Go to sleep after repeating the statement above. ?Now, I ask the Universe to assist me? ? If you wake in the night, write down any insights. Don?t expect to remember them in the morning ? you won?t! Record your dreams if you remember any as soon as you wake up. Read your notes plus this new data, then get up to start your day. STEP SIX: Don?t l et anot her day go by. Now, I know we start these little challenges and things get in the way, but don?t wait until tomorrow to pick this back up! Grab your notebook or scrap of paper if you?re still working from it, and sit quietly. When you?re ready, close your eyes, and just breathe naturally. Imagine you are exploring a library, where years of catalogued ideas and images have been stored. There are mysteries and insights, and wisdom. Imagine picking out books at random and leafing through them. Your brain is a magnificent computer, always making connections that we censor out because we have so much else to worry about all the time. This is the library of your precious, holy imagination. What magical awareness or This is it, the finish line. Looking at all of the material you?ve amassed from your mind and from deeper within, ask What is the next, most obvious, right thing to do? Shut your eyes and really listen. It might be: call Aunt Becky who used to have the same sort of crochet business I?ve been thinking of. Or, the first sentence of your memoir might show up, demanding to be written down. Or, you might realize it?s time to go back to that long ignored blog you started. Do not hesitate. Follow the next most obvious thing. Do it. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. When it gets hard, and you feel stuck, go back to Step One. Seriously, the solutions are only in you. And the only thing to do is the ONE next thing. Nobody does the whole book, business or dream-creation at one time. It?s all only ever one step at a time. The whole business plan, the entire book ? is in you ALREADY. And the key to the steps? Trusting yourself to find and do the most obvious, smallest, easiest next right thing. One at a time. Do the challenge and tell me about it. And off you?ll go! Sharing Love, Diane A successful author in her own right, Diane Samuels is a Creativity Coach for authors and aspiring authors, creatives , imagineers, entreprenueurs, mkaers, dreamers , You! Contact Diane at Visit Page 8