The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 7

Whatever you are personally called to do, consider it a marvel. A totally one-of-a-kind idea that only you can make happen. Divine?s contribution as passive income. It is flowing in whether you are working hard or not. (30 minutes.) STEP THREE: Drawing t he f ut ure. Come back to your scrap of paper and start doodling all around the words on your page. Think about your deep desire as you doodle. Doodling is proven to help people think ? to make connections. (Next time your kid gets in trouble at school for doodling while the teacher is talking, send her this article. Doodling HELPS us listen, integrate, process and solve problems.) Here?s the challenge! STEP ONE: St ep One makes t he idea concret e. Write it down. Write on anything, in whatever code or longhand suits you best. If you have only your phone, open ?Notes? and write your idea there. NOW! You can also record your idea or text it to a friend as long as you do it NOW. Keep it simple. Make it tangible. Honor your divine, creative genius by writing it down right now. Use what?s at hand: a scrap, the margin of a page in your magazine, anywhere -- it doesn?t matter. (10-30 minutes. Or, if you?re already really clear: 30 seconds.) GO. As you draw or scribble around your brilliant idea, look around. The Friendly Universe is in motion and every swirling particle conspires to assist you. What insights, gut feelings or other supernatural coincidences show up while you sit there, doodling around your idea? Are you in a coffee shop and suddenly notice a penny on the floor? Hello! Does a man walk in with a paper under his arm that says, Just do it? In Step Three you get out of the way of your logical brain by drawing and doodling and letting things come into your awareness. Easy. This is play. This is joy. Take as long as you like. The more time you can give it, the more fruitful it is. (Minimum 30 minutes.) STEP TWO: Now t he Law of At t ract ion has no choice but t o respond t o what you?ve creat ed. Stay in the vibration of the possibility. Take a big breath and be excited. Be in possibility and stop thinking so much. Shush the negative voices. Don?t worry about what to do with it, what sort of hurdles you have ahead of you. Trust the Universe. The resources and support are infinite. And they are AT HAND. Stay in the vibration of possibility. Imagine joining up with the Universe. Take ten to twenty minutes to daydream. Daydreaming gives our brain room and permission to explore. Maybe you know all about working and thinking hard. Have you ever just walked away from a problem or big job to take a shower, or a walk, or to dance or toss a Frisbee? Maybe you just laid the pen down and gazed out the window, and suddenly: Aha! The pieces you?d been puzzling over fell into place. That?s the beauty of allowing your rational brain to take a break. Do that now. You might feel like you?re doing ?nothing,? but remember, you?re not in this alone. I like to think of the STEP FOUR: Messages come t o you and t hrough you. Take a break and go about your life. In the evening, after all your tasks are handled and you can find some private time, pick up your pen with your non-dominant hand. If you must type, use only one hand. Start by stating: Now I ask the Universe/ God/ Goddess/ My Highest Self to assist me in making connections between my idea or goal, and everything I saw, experienced or thought today. Now I ask for insight, ideas, and all that would be useful for me to make my dream a reality. Only what is good, useful and helpful do I invite to come to me. I release and let go of anything from the past, present or future that might get in the way of my Page 7