The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 6

Unleash Your Cr eat ive Genius Yes, You've Got It In You! 24 Hour s. That 's All I Ask . By Diane Samuels I bet you feel it stirring? the idea that has brewed and stewed for years. Or, it?s something that arose from a dream only last night. Maybe it came to you during your Netflix binge, inspired by the weirdest dialog you ever heard. It could be only the tickle of a whisper from the Spirit world. But, there are ideas in you, sometimes only semi- conscious, fragmentary, things you might call ?pipe dreams? or ?someday dreams.? The creative strikes in mysterious ways! Whatever you want to do, consider it a message channeled through you directly from the Divine Creator/ Creatrix. Don?t judge it. Don?t make it small. Don?t start any tired chatter about how you can?t or ?it won?t work.? Consider this: it?s selfish not to share. It?s saying ?no, thank you? to a gift from the Universe. Your talents, deepest calling and dreams are there so you can bring light, love, and joy to yourself and to the world. This is a challenge. This article is actually a fun and simple challenge to take your inspired idea and bring it into the light. (You can make it agonizing, hard work if you want. Some of us respond better to grueling challenges ? mud runs and cross fit and such.) Try t his 24- hour, st ep-by-st ep process t o make your creat ive vision come al ive. Work as hard or as easy at it. Once you?re done, tell me about it at and you will ?earn? yourself t hree f ree coaching sessions to design your life around your dream. And in the process, you?ll discover who you really are. We are all here to create. It doesn?t matter what you want to create, whether it?s a pet-sitting service, a website, a family, or a book. It might be a manuscript shoved to the back of the drawer or something that showed up just yesterday, sudden and captivating. Page 6