The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 52

discovered that, of the cells that were exposed to an electromagnetic recording, 37 genes of the 167 tested showed a statistically significant change compared to the control, and 68 genes showed statistically significant fold changes. Two genes, ATP citrate lyase (ACLY) and interleukin 1? (IL-1?), were consistently downregulated at 4 and 24 hours of exposure to the recording, respectively, in 3 independent experiments. Both acly and IL-1? were also downregulated in cells exposed to a hands-on delivery of the method, suggesting these 2 genes as potential markers of the healing method. When it was all said and done, the study clearly indicated that there is at least some biological response that has been stimulated by the healer as well as the recording of the healing energy. No matter how small, the effect was there in this study and it has huge implications. ?The consequences of that genomics effect, and the careful evaluation of the several components to induce them, require further study. Multiple questions need to be addressed, such as exposure time of subjects to energy recordings, the composition of the recording itself, what equipment can best capture the healer?s input, and so on. Efforts to find the answers to these questions are underway. The key takeaway points and conclusions that can be drawn from the study are as follows: 1. Reproducible biological changes have been induced by healing energy, whether by direct hands-on healing or using a recording of healing activity. 2. Healing intention can be captured and released, thereby potentially allowing the phenomenon to be more widely disseminated. 3. Hands-on delivery of the healing intention is stronger than the recording used in this study, suggesting the possibility that the recording did not fully capture the healing potential. A Few More Real Worl d Exampl es In 1987, researchers at the Institute of Space-Medico Engineering, as mentioned in the CIA document earlier in the article, publicized a fraction of their work in the form of a film showcasing their work and what they had accomplished. The film showed a medicine pill moving through an irreversibly sealed glass vial, which occurred in three frames of a 400 frame per second film. (source) Another release (about Zhang) from the CIA (Research Into Paranormal Ability To Break Through Spatial Barriers) states: A wooden cabinet 120 by 180 by 60 centimeters was used as a sealed container. Sheets of papers and boards with one of a kind markings were used as the target objects and placed inside the cabinet on the upper shelf. Without damaging the cabinet or opening the door, the person with ESP was able to remove the target objets and also was able to put them back inside. This demonstrates that even when using especially large container it is possible to completely break through spacial barriers, however, the success rate was much lower and was exceptionally difficult. (Source)(source) The CIA document linked above provides more examples. According to Eric Davis, Ph.D, FBIS, from a declassified US Air Force document obtained via the Federation of American Scientists, Shuhuang reported that ?gifted children? were responsible for the teleportation of small, physical objects from one place to another. (source) These are just a few examples of mind/ matter interaction that go beyond the lab that never really seem to be acknowledged in mainstream publications. The Takeaway ?The day science begins t o st udy non-physical phenomena, it wil l make more progress in one decade t han in al l t he previous cent uries of it s exist ence.? ? Nikol a Tesl a A great quote that I?ve used multiple times as to why this type of science is still greeted with a frown: Page 52