The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 46

share it with as many as possible and help all live a wonderful, fulfilling life. Which bring me to my last point. You need a mentor to hold you accountable in order to short-circuit your learning process. Statistics show that only 20% of people starting a self-help course actually finish it. But statistics also show that people that have a mentor they are accountable to have a 95% chance of succeeding. Having a mentor is extremely important if you want to truly succeed. It?s like having a tour guide instead of being lost in the Amazon. It makes your journey easier, quicker and much more enjoyable. But besides just feeding you the necessary information, a mentor holds each client accountable on every leg of the journey. A trusted advisor should cheer you on but also hold your proverbial feet to the fire! Accountability is the biggest component to finally changing your life ? finally succeeding in something close to your heart ? finally having the courage to live a life true to yourself! When people can define their passion, obtain the necessary information, and become accountable to a trusted advisor? their lives can soar. You want it to work this time. You?re homesick for the true you. You are ready for a radical departure form mediocrity, stagnation and quiet desperation. You are so worth it. But until you understand that doing things the same way you?ve always done them will get you the same results you?ve always gotten, nothing in your life will change. Don?t wait until you have panic attacks, or depression or are on your deathbed. You do have the courage to live a life true to yourself. You just need some more clarity, some more information and a firm, steady and fun hand to guide you. If you want to go from empty to fulfilled before you die, make a committed decision, this time, to follow your intuition, read that book, take that course, follow that star! Your heart called. It wants its passion back. If this calls to your heart, and you want that huge transformation, contact me for more information. Email: or Phone (316) 648-3056. Paula Kidd Casey is a best selling author, international speaker and hosts her own radio show. Listen to Paula Kidd Casey give excellent advice on her show, The Lawyer of Attraction on Law of Attraction Radio Network. Tune in by going to paula-casey. Please visit Paula's website for more information at She helps her clients to accomplish anything they may wish in their lives. Page 46